Tex-Mex Cheesy Beef and Bean Skillet

Quick, easy, and delicious, this Tex-Mex Cheesy Beef and Bean Skillet is an easy go-to dish. It'll be your family's new favorite!

Tex-Mex skillet recipe

Tex-Mex Cheesy Beef and Bean Skillet is the go-to dish everyone loves!

On days when I just don't have the time for a big dinner production, this is the dish I go back to. It's perfect after a day of hiking, or a quick meal after Lorelai's dance class. Tex-Mex Cheesy Beef and Bean Skillet recipe requires only a few ingredients you probably have in your kitchen, and is on the table in about 30 minutes!

I first made this recipe about a year and a half ago. It was planned for three people, but I ended up feeding three of my kids, plus a son-in-law, and the grandkids. It was a hit! All of them wanted seconds and thirds. I regretted not making twice the amount. Since then, it's been requested countless times.

In fact, I sometimes forget all about it - for weeks! That's when Lorelai requests it.
tex-mex beef and bean one pan meal

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Tex-Mex Cheesy Beef and Bean Skillet is great as leftovers!

What's especially good, for me, is that Lorelai loves this so much. This kid, who won't eat the same thing twice within a month will eat this dish three days in a row if it's in the refrigerator. In fact, she did that this week. I made it for dinner on Sunday. She went to the bento boxes for lunch on Monday and Tuesday!

That brings me to another benefit - meal prep! Packing up leftovers into bento boxes is my thing. If I can make a lunch out of dinner, I'm all for it. Tex-Mex Cheesy Beef and Bean Skillet is just as good on Day 3 as it was on Day 1. You could also just make use it as a lunch prep in the first place.

How Talking to Your Children About Mental Health Can Help End the Stigma

Mental health is a topic that affects every human on earth. Talking with kids de-stigmatizes the topic and saves lives!
How Talking to Your Children About Mental Health Can Help

Bipolar disorder. Depression. Suicide. Mental illness.

These are words that often are brushed under the rug. People fear talking about them in public. There still exists a stigma that comes with mental illness.

The truth is talking about mental health with our children can help end the stigma. Nothing else is stronger than letting our children know that they, or those they know, with mental illness should not live in fear.

35 Delicious Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipes You Need to Try

No more mushy oats! These 35 delicious steel cut oatmeal recipes are so good, they'll turn oatmeal haters into oatmeal lovers! Plus, you can make many of them ahead of time for quick and easy breakfasts.

collage of bowls of oatmeal

Earlier this year, I really wanted to try overnight oats. I'm a social media manager for food bloggers, so I see all the trends and delicious recipes, and oh, those overnight oats looked so good! Then I tried them.

Nope. I just couldn't do it. So mushy!

Recently, I discovered steel cut oats
Overnight oats made with steel cut oats? Now, that's something I can do! They've got more chew to them than rolled oats, so when they're soaked in milk overnight, they don't turn into a jar of goo. No mushy goo, for the win!

Of course, discovering steel cut oats meant I had to scour the Internet for recipes because, well, fixating is what I do. I have tried several recipes, and made up a few of my own over the last few weeks, and now I'm sharing.

5 Amazing Ways Travel Can Boost Your Health

Guest Post by Sam Ross

We all know travel is fun and educational, but did you know it's also good for your physical and mental health?

Girl sitting on ground look at mountain view

Any seasoned traveler could tell you that health is something to pay careful attention to while on the road. Wherever you are in the world, health should be a top priority; after all, when health deteriorates, it can be incredibly worrying and debilitating.

Looking after your health doesn’t need to be difficult, however. When traveling, healthcare may simply take a little more forward planning but on the plus side, there is evidence that traveling itself can have profound health benefits.

5 Important Skills College Bound Kids Need

Guest Post by Groza Learning Center

These five life skills should help any student be more successful when they get into college. Encourage your child to practice these skills in their everyday lives.

Girl thinking at her desk

5 Important Skills College Bound Kids Need

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Although college prep classes teach your children the writing, math, and science skills that they will need for college, there are other skills that a child will need to focus on before leaving home. These skills will also be extremely important to employers after their college education is completed.
These skills focus on the ability to change and adapt to circumstances as well as having the willingness to learn through their own experiences. These five skills are important in all future aspects of their lives. Below, Groza Learning Center shares five most important skills for college-bound students to have.

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