35 Delicious Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipes You Need to Try

No more mushy oats! These 35 delicious steel cut oatmeal recipes are so good, they'll turn oatmeal haters into oatmeal lovers! Plus, you can make many of them ahead of time for quick and easy breakfasts.

35 steel cut oatmeal recipes

Earlier this year, I really wanted to try overnight oats. I'm a social media manager for food bloggers, so I see all the trends and delicious recipes, and oh, those overnight oats looked so good! Then I tried them. Nope. I just couldn't do it. So mushy!

Recently, I discovered steel cut oats. 
Overnight oats made with steel cut oats? Now, that's something I can do! They've got more chew to them than rolled oats, so when they're soaked in milk overnight, they don't turn into a jar of goo. No mushy goo, for the win!

Of course, discovering steel cut oats meant I had to scour the Internet for recipes because, well, fixating is what I do. I have tried several recipes, and made up a few of my own over the last few weeks.

5 Amazing Ways Travel Can Boost Your Health

Guest Post by Sam Ross

We all know travel is fun and educational, but did you know it's also good for your physical and mental health?

Health benefits of travel
Photo Credit A Geeky Ginger

Any seasoned traveler could tell you that health is something to pay careful attention to while on the road. Wherever you are in the world, health should be a top priority; after all, when health deteriorates, it can be incredibly worrying and debilitating.

Looking after your health doesn’t need to be difficult, however. When traveling, healthcare may simply take a little more forward planning but on the plus side, there is evidence that traveling itself can have profound health benefits.

5 Important Skills College Bound Kids Need

Guest Post by Groza Learning Center

These five life skills should help any student be more successful when they get into college. Encourage your child to practice these skills in their everyday lives.

5 Important Skills College Bound Kids Need

5 Important Skills College Bound Kids Need

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Although college prep classes teach your children the writing, math, and science skills that they will need for college, there are other skills that a child will need to focus on before leaving home. These skills will also be extremely important to employers after their college education is completed.
These skills focus on the ability to change and adapt to circumstances as well as having the willingness to learn through their own experiences. These five skills are important in all future aspects of their lives. Below, Groza Learning Center shares five most important skills for college-bound students to have.

Top Instagram Spots In Atlanta

Atlanta, GA, USA

If you’re on a mission to share some fun new photos from Atlanta with your Instagram feed, this post is for you!

Top Instagram Spots in Atlanta

As many of you know, I spent a few months in Georgia this year. One of the passions I pursued, during that time, was downtown exploring. In fact, downtown exploring, along with hiking, is the focus on my Instagram account.
Isn't it fun to find just the right shot? You probably enjoy finding just the right spot for Instagram pics, too.

While you won’t struggle to find a worthy spot to snap a photo of in the city, there are some places that stand out as excellent places to capture the moment - especially if you’re only in town for a quick visit. From unique street art and impressive architecture to hidden gems and picture-perfect meals, Atlanta has a lot to offer photographers of all skill levels.

If you’re on the hunt for the top Instagram spots in Atlanta, make sure these locations are on your list:

Why Teaching Textbooks 3.0 Is Perfect for Our Homeschool

Looking for a homeschool math curriculum that your child can use independently? Teaching Textbooks may be the answer for you!

Why Teaching Textbooks is Perfect for Our Homeschool

Thank you to Teaching Textbooks for sponsoring this post and providing us with the newest 3.0 version. All opinions are 100% my own.
In all the years I've been homeschooling my kids, math has always been the one piece of curriculum that has never fit. Ever.

I've never been 100% pleased with anything. Lorelai is good at math all on her own, but that didn't help the fact that there was always an issue. There was that one curriculum that moved forward at a snail's pace. Then there was that one math book that seemed to start off at college level for 8 year olds. Nothing was ever just right.

That's all changed with Teaching Textbooks 3.0.

Teaching Textbooks is perfect for independent learning.

For a long time, Lorelai couldn't work independently. Between the dyslexia and the mental health issues, she needed me every step of the way. Now that we've overcome the mental health issues, and she's learned to navigate most of her dyslexia issues, she doesn't need me for all things. Since math comes easier to her than any other subject, she really doesn't need me for that.

Teaching Textbooks 3.0 is an online math program. She can just hop on the computer, tablet, or phone to do math whenever she wants. I've never been big on digital learning, and neither have my kids. In fact, they usually hate it. But that's not the case with this curriculum. 

teaching textbooks 3.0

Lorelai actually enjoys this curriculum.Lately, it has become her go-to when she's bored. Also, it's the first thing she does when she wakes up. She jumps online to do math even before she's had breakfast!

You guys have no idea what that means in my world!

  • She feels good about her independence. (#1 reason!)
  • She can see her progress.
  • She can go out her own pace. (Some days, she does one lesson, while on others she'll do five.)
  • It's one less thing I have to worry about.

online homeschool math curriculm
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I love that she can do her math ANYWHERE! 

Teaching Textbooks tracks progress.

I've never been big on grades in our homeschool. In fact, I don't grade anything until high school, and only because I need them for the transcript.

This program keeps the grades, which I can view from the Parent Page. 

homeschool math curriculum

This math curriculum is affordable.

As a single mom, one of my top considerations in anything is cost. Teaching textbooks is affordable.Just look at their pricing. Most of the time, it's less than $5 per month! I don't know about you, but that speaks to this mom's budget.

"Yes, Michelle, but you're only homeschooling ONE child. I have 7 kids."

Good news for large families! 

homeschool math

Large Family Discount

The discount works for a family of 4-8 students. You will pay $199.08 for the year and have access to one level per student. Students will only receive access to one level per year. 

Why Teaching Textbooks Is Perfect for Our Homeschool

Free tutoring.

Bet you didn't know this little fact: If your child is struggling with a concept, they can call Teaching Textbooks to speak with a free tutor who will help them work thru a problem area. We haven't had to use it, but how great is that! 

homeschool math curriculum

Is Teaching Textbooks right for your family?

Still not sure if Teaching Textbooks is right for you? That's OK. You can try it out FREE! Take advantage of the free trial. (no credit card required!)


That's right. There's an awesome giveaway. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter for a chance to win a Teaching Textbooks 3.0 Subscription level of your choice!

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