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Weekly Wrap-Up: The Week We Had a Beatlemania Experience and I Dyed My Hair Blue

Jacksonville, FL, USA

The Beatles Eight Days a Week #TheBeatlesEightDaysaWeek
The Beatles Movie #TheBeatlesEightDaysAWeek

I haven't written a weekly wrap-up in about a year. Seriously, I really need to do them more often - like maybe weekly - because I often want to write about what's going on in our lives, but don't want to bore you with my daily activities.

Yes, I need to just wrap up once a week to fill my own need to document our story. After all, this is the perfect place for my mom blogging.

Weekly Wrap-Up: A Difficult Decision and a Nerd Fest

My kids attended a nerd fest and I decided to leave my "forever home." This and more in my weekly wrap-up and homeschool mother's journal.

It has been a while since I made any personal blog posts. One of my goals, now that I've changed my blog name, is to write on a more personal level more often. I suppose participating in the Homeschool Mother's Journal and Weekly Wrap-Up is one place to start.

A Living History Field Trip: Barberville Pioneer Settlement

Barberville, FL 32130, USA

The Barberville Pioneer Settlement in Florida is a must-do homeschool field trip. Find out about this hands-on living history lesson.

We love history field trips. 

Today, we visited the Barberville Pioneer Settlement. I've wanted to go here for a few years, but never got around to it. When one of my homeschool groups planned this one, I couldn't refuse. After all, I now live 10 minutes away from it. I've got no excuses.

We took two of their tours: The Pioneer Program and the Lassie Cake Program.

It was a long, hot day. I was concerned with how well Lorelai would or wouldn't do in the heat, but we managed to keep her body and moods at an acceptably cool level. 

This field trip was one of the best educational field trips we've ever taken. I think each of us learned something from it. 

Time Spent Alone with My Youngest Daughter

In my life this week...

Alexis has been at her sister's for over a week, leaving Lorelai and me together. We've kept busy all week with homeschool projects, arts and crafts, trips to the library and playground and a Renaissance Faire.

We were suppose to attend a music jamboree today, but we awoke to a gray and rainy day. I have no desire to spend my day in the rain. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for that. 

Black Bears and Possum and Gators, OH MY!

In my life this week...

I've been blogging a lot! Yes, that's tiring. Just a little recap in case you've missed posts this week...
Be sure to check those out. That really is all I've been up to this last week. 

Our Trip to Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013

Our Trip to Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 #awacon2013 #awacon13

I meant to have this post published on Saturday. As you will see, I haven't been home, so here it is a couple of days late. 

In my life this week...

I've been away from home. I've been away from home a lot

Last week, we left on Wednesday to stay at my daughter's house. The following day, we departed for Georgia to attend the Anime Weekend Atlanta con which was held Friday-Sunday. It was one of the greatest weekends we've ever had. It didn't end well, however. I'm choosing to share only the joyful weekend we had before the negative stuff.

We returned on Monday evening. On Friday, we drove to Tampa to attend the ShadoCon Final Fantasy Ball. That didn't turn out well at all because we had some challenges that caused us to arrive quite late. We didn't think that would be a problem. We were wrong. It ended two hours earlier than we thought. The girls were disappointed but not nearly as upset as I would expect.

Our Khaotic Weekend {Khaotic Kon 2013}

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week...

I have spent an inordinate amount of time planning. Planning blog posts. Planning projects. Just planning. I'm kind of over it at this point. This computer screen has become my frenemy. It helps earn an income but boy am I sick of staring at it!

But let's talk about something far more interesting: 

Khaotic Kon 2013! 

I don't know how many of you know anything about anime, manga, Jpop and such things, but Alexis is hyper-focused on this stuff. She has been for a long while. I've never been very into it (of course much of this stuff didn't exist when I was a kid). But last weekend I attended a con with the kids. I had a blast and so did they.

I don't always interact in social situations, but I watch people. What I saw that weekend impressed and fascinated me.

  • Everyone was so sweet. I saw no snobbery, "cliques" or any other negativity. Everyone was genuinely kind to each other. 
  • Alexis isn't alone in her hyper-interest in these things. I knew there were others interested in anime, J-pop, manga, etc. What I hadn't realized is that so many people were interested in all of the same things she is. Everyone there seemed to know everything about everything. 

Learning on the Weekend

We love using weekends for outdoor activities like hiking and geocaching. That's exactly what we did Saturday. It's been a long while because our van died in September. This was a much needed break from the "stir crazy" feeling we've all been having lately. I'm sharing a few photos from our day.
Lunch at the park (what a face!)

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