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How I Use My Homeschool Journey to Help Others

Learn why I co-authored The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas and why I chose these particular topics: Bipolar Disorder, Dyslexia, High School and Middle School.

Our Homeschool Journey

I believe all parents are homeschoolers and some of us simply choose to do it full time. We're all on our own educational journey. There are twists and turns, detours and smooth traveling. It's a journey.

In my case, I learned about homeschooling in 1991, but chose to do it full time in October 1999, when I pulled my son out of public school. Over the years, our homeschool has experienced many changes. 

Experience is one skilled teacher! Now I teach others as a homeschool and parenting consultant. Helping others is what I enjoy. Knowing I've helped someone see their homeschool path more clearly is a rewarding experience. So that's what I do.

I Can't Homeschool Because I'm a Single Mom

Being a single mom can present challenges, but these are not necessarily barriers to homeschooling. Here are some tips and advice for homeschooling as a single mom.

Are you a single mom? Do you want to homeschool? Do you think you can't?

You're wrong. You absolutely can. 
How do I know? Because I'm a single mom and I've been homeschooling for 15 years. 

Incredible, isn't it? I must be a super mom! No. Not at all. There is nothing special about me.

I do it because I love homeschooling and it is best for my kids. Honestly, I find homeschooling as a single mom easier than sending them off to school. But that's me.

Single Moms Can Homeschool

You may have a job outside the home. 
Maybe your work from home. 
Maybe you own your own business. 

Whatever the situation is, I can tell you I've done it before. 

Yep. I've done all of it. I've worked at home and away from home. In 2005, I even worked two jobs while building my green cleaning service. At that point, I had 5 kids and was on my own again. 

How to Get Your Kids to Hate Learning

I'm going to tell you exactly how to get your kids to hate learning.

I think I'm perfectly qualified to teach this. I mean, not only have I been homeschooling nearly 15 years, but I also got a kid to hate learning in my early days of homeschooling.  


A step-by-step instructional post on how to get your kids to hate learning, written by a mom who has successfully done it.
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Oh, I won't take all the credit. That would be selfish. I'll give a good amount of the credit to the public school system. They had six years of working on my son before I brought him home. They had all but killed his desire to learn.

Then I got hold of him and finished the job. 

Here's how you can do it, too.

How I Juggle Homeschooling, Housework and Work as a Single Mom

Juggling homeschool, housework and work as a single mom can be a challenge, but not one that can't be accomplished.
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"How do you do it all?" 

It's a question I'm asked all the time. If I'm not asked how I do it all, I'm asked, "How can I do it all?

Can you do it all? Is it possible? That depends. What does all mean to you?

I'm a single mom. That means working, maintaining a household, and homeschooling. I must be mom and dad. In other words, I have to bring home the bacon, fry it, and teach the kids how it came to be bacon. That's what all means to me. 

So how do I do it?

Homeschooling: You Can Do It

Do you believe you can't homeschool?

There are a multitude of reasons parents believe they can't homeschool.

I say you can homeschool. I can say it because I homeschool.

Tips for New Homeschool Parents

New to homeschooling? Feeling a little nervous about beginning your first year? Maybe you have a friend who is just starting out on their homeschooling journey. 

I've written a post at The Homeschool Classroom offering a bit of encouragement and advice. Hop over to read my post entitled, "6 Tips for New Homeschoolers".

If you’re new to The Holistic Homeschooler, I'd like to welcome you! I'm so happy you paid a visit. I am a single, homeschooling mom to two daughters (the last of my five children). I write about homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason method of education and educating children with Dyslexia and Bipolar Disorder. 
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Happy Homeschooling!

Do Homeschoolers Measure Up?

I just want to take a moment to share this infographic from Brooklyn at It contains great information supporting homeschool that I think you'll appreciate. 

Homeschool Bloggers: We Don't Have Perfect Lives

Blogging about our lives is difficult for me.

Until recently, I only presented the facts: Information, resources and sharing activities. That's pretty much all I wrote about on this blog. 

That changed when I wrote a couple of posts like this one, this one and finally this big one.

Each time, I was hesitant to post.
Each time, I was anxious while it was "out there".
Each time, I contemplated deleting the post.

I was uncomfortable because of some posts I read a year ago.

I Can't Homeschool Because My Family Would Disapprove

Encouragement for those who may be experiencing opposition to homeschooling from well-meaning family members.

The Decision to Homeschool

The decision to homeschool is not one that a parent takes lightly. For most, it is fraught with questions, doubts, and an overload of research. We consider our children's needs and what we must do to accomplish the goal. We evaluate their experience in school, if they ever had one. In the end, we all make our decision for the same reason: It's in the child's best interest.

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