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The 7 Best Benefits of Notebooking

Jan 29, 2016

benefits of notebooking

Let's talk about notebooking.

I discovered notebooking in 2009. I've found it offers an array of benefits to my children and our homeschool. Today, I'd like to share a few of those benefits with you.

Doodle Crate Inspires Interest in Handicrafts

Jan 23, 2015

Learn how Doodle Crate has inspired this 11-year-old girl to pursue handicrafts.

I think we all want to teach our children life skills, right? Handicrafts are an important life skill to teach them.

Once upon a time, all kids learned handicrafts. Boys were taught such things as blacksmith or woodworking, while girls learned sewing and crocheting. These were necessary skills to help them make a living and take care of their families. 

But what about modern kids? Do we need to teach them handicrafts? 

I believe we do. I believe it's still important to provide them with basic skills in spite of our high-tech world. After all, one never knows if those skills may be necessary for them to care for their families or earn a living. In fact, one of my daughters and I have recently begun selling handmade crafts to supplement our incomes.

What does Doodle Crate have to do with any of this?

How I Teach Fine Arts to Multiple Ages Using the Charlotte Mason Method

Jan 17, 2014

The fine arts are important to developing a well-rounded education for our children. Including the arts is one of the foundations of a liberal arts education. Find out how this mom teaches the fine arts using the Charlotte Mason method. #homeschool #charlottemason

This is day #5 in my series on "How I Teach to Multiple Ages Using the Charlotte Mason Method." 

There is a lack of appreciation for the arts.

Once upon a time, the fine arts were taught to all students, whether before the day of institutional learning, or even within those institutions.

Children were taught an appreciate for music, and how to play instruments as a matter of standard course. They learned to paint, draw, and learned about the artists and composers. 

We now live in a society that invalidates and minimizes any interest in those things.

The schools have all but done away with music and art to redirect money elsewhere. Kids who play instruments are the the butts of jokes in school. Students who want to study music and art in college are portrayed as flakey, young people with their heads in the clouds. 

As for me, I believe n
o education is complete without fine arts. 

There are so many benefits from learning fine arts. Why would we deprive our children of these things? I'm grateful that I can decide what to teach my children. 

How I Teach History to Multiple Ages Using the Charlotte Mason Method

Jan 16, 2014

How I Teach History to Multiple Ages Using the Charlotte Mason Method

This is day #4 in my series on "How I Teach to Multiple Ages Using the Charlotte Mason Method." 

Confession: I'm a history junkie.

I can't get enough. Can't learn enough. Can't visit enough historical places. As a young child, the only books I brought home from the school library were biographies. In high school, my favorite subject was ancient history and as an adult, one of my favorite things to do is visit historical places. 

I was excited when I realized Charlotte Mason taught history in chronological order. I didn't have to wait until high school to teach about ancient Egypt! Whoo!  

That's what I'm writing about today. How I teach history. 

A Living Books Approach to History

Dec 29, 2011

Learn how to use living books to teach history to your homeschooling child.

Yesterday's post was on using living books and ideas to teach history in a chronological order. Today, I want to discuss how exactly we do that. What does history through living books look like? Of course there are many ways to use a living books approach. This is the way that our family implements a living books approach to history.

9 Features of a Charlotte Mason Education

Dec 18, 2011

"What's the difference?"

This is a question that you may find yourself asking when you've first come across the Charlotte Mason method or someone who loves it (like me!). You may wonder what makes it different than any other homeschooling choice?

9 Features of a Charlotte Mason Education:

1. Respect for the Child: Charlotte Mason believed that all children were equally capable of learning and deserving of respect, regardless of  their social class, race or any other thing.  In fact the proclamation that "Children are born persons." is the first statement on her list of principles.

Narration, Copywork and Dictation, Oh my!

Dec 5, 2011

An explanation of how to implement copywork, narration and dictation into your Charlotte Mason style homeschool. #homeschool #charlottemason

Making a switch to the Charlotte Mason method can be intimidating. I know it took a while for me to implement the method.

I've been there. I understand the struggle.

 A few days ago, I shared with you why narration is a useful tool. Now let's talk about how to use narration, copywork and dictation in your homeschool. 

Our Journey to a Charlotte Mason Education

Mar 24, 2011

Read about this homeschool family's journey from the rocky beginnings of public schooling to homeschooling success.

Why I Sent My Kids to Public School

My homeschool journey began in 1991. No, I didn't officially homeschool until 1999, but the seeds were planted in 1991, when I read a book by John Holt.

At that point my eldest child was 5 years old and about to begin Kindergarten. I really wanted to homeschool her, but knew that I'd gain opposition from my family. I was already such a black sheep with religion, co-sleeping, and breastfeeding, that I decided it was best to send my children to school. 

I volunteered in the school system. Eventually I worked on various boards and agencies within the school system. Although I never forgot about homeschooling and all I had read, Amy did well in school. I did well working within that system.

My son's story was different...

Our Educational Atmosphere

Mar 3, 2011

Charlotte Mason said, "Education is an Atmosphere." A homeschool mom shares what this means to her family.

There are so very many things I love about the Charlotte Mason method

The method is based upon a few principles to aide parents in raising a child who loves learning and seeks out knowledge for the sake of gaining knowledge. One of those all-important principles is "Education is an Atmosphere".

"The theory has been,––put a child in the right environment and so subtle is its influence, so permanent its effects that he is to all intents and purposes educated thereby. Schools may add Latin and sums and whatever else their curriculum contains, but the actual education is, as it were, performed upon a child by means of colour schemes, harmonious sounds, beautiful forms, gracious persons. He grows up aesthetically educated into sweet reasonableness and harmony with his surroundings." -Charlotte Mason- Vol. 6 pg 94

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