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Weekly Wrap-Up: The Week Found a New Home

Nov 25, 2016

new house

This is something I've kept under my hat for a while, but I've been looking to move.

Housing in my area has become unaffordable, to say the least. Experts claim the country is experiencing an affordable housing crisis because millennials, unlike generations past, aren't purchasing homes. 

They're just renting indefinitely.

The result is sky-high rental rates. At least that's the case in the Orlando-Daytona area, where I currently live.

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Week We Had a Hurricane and I Announced I'll Be a Grandma Again

Oct 21, 2016

new grandchildren

The Beatles Movie #TheBeatlesEightDaysAWeek

It's been a couple of weeks since my last wrap-up (or any posts at all). I have good reasons though. A little guest named Hurricane Matthew visited us.

So I'm actually wrapping up two weeks.

Although our Beatlemania week was a joyful time for the family, the following weekend was crazy-busy making preparations for Matthew. Fortunately, we went to Orlando, as well always do during these storms, to a friend's apartment.

The Week I Had No Sleep and Accomplished Nothing, but at Least I Didn't Run around Naked

Mar 1, 2015

I'm sleep-deprived. Please know that before you get started reading this post. I'm tired. I'm loopy. I've made up numerous on-the-spot song parodies this week, none of which will you ever hear me sing. My kids have. They're disturbed.

Ok, I'm rambling. Let's move on and learn how we came to this point.

A sleep-deprived mother plans a vacation, shops against her will, and is thankful that she did.

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In my life this week…

I wanted to organize everything. I failed.
This was the week I was going to get everything done. I was going to organize my garage, get the last of the books on shelves, and get every hang-able picture on the wall.

Yeah. None of that happened. 

The Week I Became a Grandma (again) and Remembered Home School Is a Lie

Oct 19, 2014

I'm a Grandma! (again)

Eight days ago, my newest grandchild made her way into the world weighing a whopping 10lbs 11oz and measuring over 22 inches long.

Yep. She's a big girl! 

Weekly Wrap-Up: A Difficult Decision and a Nerd Fest

Aug 22, 2014

My kids attended a nerd fest and I decided to leave my "forever home." This and more in my weekly wrap-up and homeschool mother's journal.

It has been a while since I made any personal blog posts. One of my goals, now that I've changed my blog name, is to write on a more personal level more often. I suppose participating in the Homeschool Mother's Journal and Weekly Wrap-Up is one place to start.

A Homeschool Field Trip on the Sunrail

May 11, 2014

Our family took a trip on the new Sunrail train. Read about our day on this field trip.

We've had a most busy week.

We spent an afternoon at the library and park. On Tuesday, Lorelai and I were hanging out in downtown DeLand for an afternoon and went grocery shopping the next. 

We Took a Homeschool Break and a Hike

Dec 22, 2013

In my life this week...

...I didn't accomplish a lot this week. 

I spent a lot of time off-schedule with Lorelai. Lorelai had fallen off her perfect schedule, but is back on it. Yay! In fact, today is Day 3 in this round of goodness. 

I spent far too much time trying to heat my house with a fireplace because the compressor breaker overheated and shut itself down. The rest is a blur. Honestly, it was one of the most unproductive weeks I've had in a while.

Today was a good day. Lorelai and I joined our conservation lands group for a hike. It was a warm, beautiful Florida day. Truly enjoyable. Unfortunately, Alexis wasn't able to attend because she's on the backwards schedule now. 

My Child Is Taking Charge of Her Life

Nov 24, 2013

In my life this week...

This was a great week.

Due to her own efforts, Lorelai was able to switch her sleeping schedule around to a more normal schedule. I say "more normal" because I think most of us would consider 4 a.m . a pretty early hour. Yet this is what time she gets up now. Her schedule goes something like this:

  • 4 a.m. - Wake up.
  • 5 a.m. - Breakfast
  • 10 a.m. - Lunch
  • 3:30 p.m. - Dinner 
  • 5 p.m. - Get ready for bed
  • 6:30 p.m. - Bed
No one planned it, but it worked out this way. It's perfect for her. She gets to be up at night (it's dark between 4 and 7 a.m.), yet she experiences daylight, sunshine, fresh air and outdoor activities again.

The change in her moods and even her thinking is phenomenal. Yes, there will be a post about that. Stay tuned!

Also, Alexis came home after spending a month at one of my older daughter's home. I've missed her and am glad to have her back home. 

Time Spent Alone with My Youngest Daughter

Nov 2, 2013

In my life this week...

Alexis has been at her sister's for over a week, leaving Lorelai and me together. We've kept busy all week with homeschool projects, arts and crafts, trips to the library and playground and a Renaissance Faire.

We were suppose to attend a music jamboree today, but we awoke to a gray and rainy day. I have no desire to spend my day in the rain. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for that. 

Black Bears and Possum and Gators, OH MY!

Oct 19, 2013

In my life this week...

I've been blogging a lot! Yes, that's tiring. Just a little recap in case you've missed posts this week...
Be sure to check those out. That really is all I've been up to this last week. 

Our Trip to Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013

Oct 7, 2013

Our Trip to Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 #awacon2013 #awacon13

I meant to have this post published on Saturday. As you will see, I haven't been home, so here it is a couple of days late. 

In my life this week...

I've been away from home. I've been away from home a lot

Last week, we left on Wednesday to stay at my daughter's house. The following day, we departed for Georgia to attend the Anime Weekend Atlanta con which was held Friday-Sunday. It was one of the greatest weekends we've ever had. It didn't end well, however. I'm choosing to share only the joyful weekend we had before the negative stuff.

We returned on Monday evening. On Friday, we drove to Tampa to attend the ShadoCon Final Fantasy Ball. That didn't turn out well at all because we had some challenges that caused us to arrive quite late. We didn't think that would be a problem. We were wrong. It ended two hours earlier than we thought. The girls were disappointed but not nearly as upset as I would expect.

A New Home for Us (and other good stuff)

Jun 1, 2013

In my life this week...

I have big, exciting news this week.

I'm buying a home! 

Yes. I'm buying my very first home. I found a really sweet deal with owner financing and we're just so excited!

This means big changes. It takes me a bit out of my comfort zone.. and town.. and county.. to a town with a population of 1,556. I know, right? I'm going to look for the sign that reads, "Welcome to Podunk".

But seriously, I'm thrilled and can't wait to post pictures once we're moved into the place. 

The Week Emotions Ran High

May 24, 2013

In my life this week...

Oh, this week. What a mix of emotions it has been! 


When the week began, I was highly stressed because I was trying to build a web store and have it finished by Wednesday night for a Facebook party. I also had blog posts to make, giveaways to post and the party itself. Stress, indeed.

New Business
Then I had the party. It was a great success! I didn't finish the web store but I at least announced that it's coming and hosted some giveaways. Emotions were high! 

Loss of a Family Pet
The following day, I relaxed and had a pretty good day. Until 7pm, that is. At that time, I found my dog having a seizure. I didn't know that's what was happening, but my son did. So we rushed him to the vet. I believe he was brain dead upon arrival. Something was gone from his eyes.

Our Khaotic Weekend {Khaotic Kon 2013}

May 11, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week...

I have spent an inordinate amount of time planning. Planning blog posts. Planning projects. Just planning. I'm kind of over it at this point. This computer screen has become my frenemy. It helps earn an income but boy am I sick of staring at it!

But let's talk about something far more interesting: 

Khaotic Kon 2013! 

I don't know how many of you know anything about anime, manga, Jpop and such things, but Alexis is hyper-focused on this stuff. She has been for a long while. I've never been very into it (of course much of this stuff didn't exist when I was a kid). But last weekend I attended a con with the kids. I had a blast and so did they.

I don't always interact in social situations, but I watch people. What I saw that weekend impressed and fascinated me.

  • Everyone was so sweet. I saw no snobbery, "cliques" or any other negativity. Everyone was genuinely kind to each other. 
  • Alexis isn't alone in her hyper-interest in these things. I knew there were others interested in anime, J-pop, manga, etc. What I hadn't realized is that so many people were interested in all of the same things she is. Everyone there seemed to know everything about everything. 

A Week of Moments to Remember

Apr 4, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week... 

This week was a week full of moments worth remembering. 

I visited with a friend who just found out she has cancer. She's only 37 years old. We met 14 years ago when we both worked at a local health food store. We've been friends ever since. She was on the team of midwives who attended my home birth for Lorelai. Five years later, she was on the same team of midwives for my granddaughter's home birth. 

Although we're not the type of friends that talk on the phone all the time or even hang out all the time, she's a very special woman who means a lot to our family. She's watched my kids grow into adults and helped bring my last one into the world. She is family! She's been there for us and now we'll be there for her.

Last Week of Spring Break 2013

Mar 30, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week... 

I'm late posting this because I've been working. Things seem to be turning around lately. Nothing is perfect, of course. But I brought my cleaning service website back up (I had closed out of complete frustration and lack of business in February.) and suddenly people are calling! I don't exactly have a packed schedule but a few weekly and bi-weekly clients makes a world of difference! So this week, I was busy cleaning houses  and being very happy to do so.

Spring Break, MegaCon and Piggies

Mar 22, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week... 

This week has been... exhausting. You see, the weather is warming up. Warm weather and Bipolar Disorder don't go well together. Recently, my daughter's "meds" (liquid form) were spilled. I didn't have the money to replace them at the time (it was a brand new bottle!) but the weather was cooler so it was no big deal. 


However, temperatures for the past week have been 79-84°F. Pleasant weather. Unpleasant moods. Just sayin'. The meds arrived today. I cannot express my relief. 

A Week of Big Steps

Feb 22, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

We've been taking some "big steps" around here. I've made some changes; Alexis made strides in math. Progress!

In my life this week...

I came to some big decisions. I keep hearing "Simplify, simplify, simplify" in my mind. I took down all websites and blogs which are no longer serving me well. This included my southern cooking blog (never had the time), my natural mothering blog (my focus is no longer on homebirthing, cloth diapering or breastfeeding), my green cleaning website (I'm shutting down the business due to lack of business). 

So here I am. I feel a sense of loss. Nine years of those businesses shut down in a matter of seconds. Hard to believe. Sometimes, this is the type of thing we must do. I also feel a great weight.. a pressure to keep up with the marketing on those.. lifted off of me. Now I can redirect that time and focus to the two blogs I care about most. This homeschool blog and Life on My Planet. Yes. This will be better. 

Wrapping Up Our School Year

Feb 15, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week...

I've spent a lot of time working/writing. Pretty boring, right? 


In our homeschool this week...

We're at the end of Week 10 of Term III.  
The girls took another online science class. You'll be hearing more about this in a couple of weeks. They really enjoyed it. I'm about to sign Lorelai up for a couple of other online things. We are about to begin our Animal Signs study using the unit study from NaturExplorers. We've studied a bit on this topic in the past, and are pretty good at identifying tracks while hiking. It should be fun to learn a bit more. 

The girls spent a good amount of time being artsy-craftsy this week. Photo below.

A Wrap-Up of Our Week

Feb 8, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

 In my life this week...

There has been nothing interesting. Well, nothing except having to pass up a possible $2000/week account. Long story. It's painful to think I had to pass that up. I'll move on to more positive things now.

Positive: Switched meds for one of the girls (we use natural meds). She started them today. I should see a difference tomorrow. She had to go a few days without any at all and let me tell you.. it was not pleasant. Now I have to do the re-evaluation for the other child to see what improvements we can make in her meds as well.

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