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Simplify Your Homeschool with Science Kits

Wish you could do more science experiments with your homeschool kids? Science kits may be the answer!
Wish you could do more science experiments with your homeschool kids? Homeschool science experiments are fun, but sometimes the very idea of planning, gathering supplies, and working out the kinks in the plan, can be overwhelming to homeschool moms.
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Homeschool science experiments are fun, but sometimes the very idea of planning, gathering supplies, and working out the kinks in the plan, can be overwhelming to moms.

One tool that can make your life easier: science kits for kidsWith all the supplies, and simple directions, science experiments can be fun!

Your Child Could Be America's Next Top Young Scientist!

Could your child be America's next top young scientist? The opportunity is certainly available, thanks to Discovery Education and 3M. Read more to learn about this annual challenge.

{This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated for my time. All opinions are thoughts are my own. See Full Disclosure.}

As homeschool parents, we are free to let our children explore their true passions and interests and I know a lot of you have science-y kids. I see the many STEM posts on your blogs and Pinterest. Some of you are definitely raising future scientists!

If your child is one of those science-minded kids, you might be interested in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge.

Discovery Education has partnered with 3M to foster the next generation of passionate innovators who are inspired to improve the world with science. Together, they developed the Young Scientist Lab, an interactive portal filled with engaging activities and teaching tools, anchored by the award-winning annual Young Scientist Challenge.

Children Improving the World with Science

11-year-old Gitanjali Rao honored as America's Top Young Scientist

Last year, Gitanjali Rao, an 11-year-old girl, was honored as "America's Top Young Scientist" for inventing a quick, low-cost test to detect lead-contaminated water. She won $25,000 for her world-improving invention.

Gitanjali hopes to reduce the time of lead detection in water by using a mobile app, to connect over Bluetooth to get status of water, almost immediately.

Is Your Child the Next Top Young Scientist?

Could your child be America's next top young scientist? The opportunity is certainly available, thanks to Discovery Education and 3M. Read more to learn about this annual challenge.

If you're raising a future scientist who is also interested in improving the world, you'll be happy to know Discovery Education's 2018 Young Scientist Challenge is now open for entries!

Entries are open to students in grades 5 – 8. The judges will select the best students, and award them with a trip to the final competition event during October 2018. Grand prize: $25,000.

Learn more about the challenge.

YOUR TURN: Are you raising a science-minded child? Will you be entering the #YoungScientist contest? Leave your comments below.

Could your child be America's Top Young Scientist? The opportunity is available, thanks to Discovery Education and 3M. Read more to learn about this annual challenge.

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25 Nature Study Activities for Winter

Nature studies are fun on their own, but did you know you can combine them with arts and crafts? Here's a list of 25 nature studies that do just that!
25 Nature Study Activities for Winter

Nature and art go hand-in-hand. 

Using arts and crafts to compliment your nature studies not only helps the children to retain information, but also creates a delightful memories. Believe it or not, there are quite a few ideas for combining the two, besides sketching.

I've scoured the internet looking for resources, and this is the list I've come up with for winter nature study activities.

10 Must-Have Nature Study Supplies

If you're setting outdoors for a nature study, you'll need a few basics. These must-have nature study supplies will get you off on the right foot! 10 Must-Have Nature Study Supplies

Nature studies are one of my favorite things to do with my kids. I have a profound respect for nature, and very few things make me happier than to share the wonders of it with my children.

I don't set out to make every single outdoor experience a formal lesson, of course. Sometimes we hike just to hike, right? Even so, every hike shows us something we've never seen before. And maybe - just maybe - we end up researching more about the things we saw.

Education. This is how it naturally happens.

From nature walks to studying nature while you're on vacation, there are so many creative ideas for nature studies, but you need to be equipped for it. That's why I've created this list of must-have nature study supplies.

Winter Nature Studies Made Easy

Whether you're new to nature studies, or an old pro, this nature study curriculum is simply the best!

Winter Nature Studies Made Easy

Deciding it's important to conduct nature studies in the winter is one thing. Knowing how to do it is an entirely different thing.

If you're new to nature studies, or have run out of ideas - or maybe you just need an out-of-the-box feel to your nature studies, this is your day!

For years, I've used a curriculum that helped me truly get a grasp on the entire concept of nature studies in our homeschool. Better yet, I continued to use them even after I understood. It's a real time-saver when someone else has done all the work for you. (As a single mom, I need to save as much time as possible!)

5 Books Every Naturalist Should Own

For anyone setting out to study nature, these 5 books are must-haves!

5 books every naturalist should own

Being equipped with helpful resources is key to successful nature studies, no matter the season. Because most of us aren't in the habit of viewing winter as a prime season for outdoor time, having these resources proves to be even more helpful.

If you're going to successfully grow a naturalist, I recommend you get these books onto your bookshelf.

10 Simple Winter Nature Study Ideas

This list of 10 winter nature study ideas is simple, yet provides a rewarding experience for your homeschool family. 

10 simple winter nature study ideas

Nature studies can be as simple or complex as you want them to be.

If you're new to nature studies, you may feel more comfortable starting with simple activities. But even veteran nature study families can appreciate a calm, quiet nature walk.

Below you'll find a few simple things you do to develop an appreciation for nature.

5 Wintertime Nature Study Ideas for Your Homeschool

5 Wintertime Nature Study Ideas for Your Homeschool

Although outdoors time isn't always our first thought for wintertime, children still need to be out of doors

Like all other seasons, winter offers it's own unique variety of learning opportunities. In fact, theere are plenty of good reasons for having winter nature studies. 
I recommend reading Charlotte Mason's writings about winter walks to gain a better understanding of why children should be outdoors in winter.

But what to do in winter? Glad you asked! I've put together a 5-post series full of ideas for wintertime nature studies. Give them a look. I'm sure you'll find some fun activities to do with your children!

Paradigm Accelerated: A High School Anatomy and Physiology Curriculum

Homeschooled high school students can earn their science credits with this easy to use, yet challenging biology course.

{Disclosure: I received this product free of charge. I was also compensated for the time I took to write this review. All opinions are my own; I was not required to make positive statements.}

Our homeschool is in an interesting place right now. While Lorelai has just begun middle school, Alexis is working her way toward graduation and college. She's currently an 11th grade student. I can hardly believe she's almost finished!

In the high school years, especially in the junior and senior years, our focus is to provide challenging lessons and projects that will prepare the student for life beyond homeschool. In this case, the focus is to lead her into college.

I also need products and curricula that encourage independent learning. We were a bit slower in moving her toward independent learning due to her profound dyslexia. But she needs to navigate that herself at some point, so here we are.

One product we've decided to try is a science course from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum.

This year, Alexis is taking anatomy and physiology. While I don't think Alexis will pursue a career which necessitates knowledge of biology, I believe all kids should take the course. 

Every human should understand how the human body works.

How to Grow a Naturalist in 5 Easy Steps

Do you have a child who loves exploring nature? Here are 5 tips for growing a naturalist.

Does your child love being outdoors? Does she collect caterpillars with the intent of raising them? Does he like to help in the garden? You may have a naturalist on your hands.

What is a naturalist? 

A naturalist is a person who studies plants and animals and, I would add, is passionate about nature. 

Anyone can be a naturalist. 

Online Resources for Teaching Middle School Science

Thank you for joining me on Day 5 of my 5-day series "Super Easy Ways to Teach Middle School Science." 

If the idea of teaching middle school science intimidates you, then you'll certainly want to take advantage of online resources.

As I mentioned on Day 1 in this series, Supercharged Science is my favorite online resource, but there are others.

Use Local Resources to Teach Middle School Science

Local resources are a great way to make teaching homeschool science easier.

Thank you for joining me on Day 3 of my 5-day series "Super Easy Ways to Teach Middle School Science."

Online classes and nature studies are two ways to make teaching homeschool science to middle school kids easier. Another is taking advantage of local resources.

Homeschool Nature Studies Are Easy with NaturExplorers

Are you looking for an easy way to conduct nature studies in your homeschool? NaturExplorers makes nature study easy.

Thank you for joining me on Day 2 of my 5-day series "Super Easy Ways to Teach Middle School Science."

{This post may contain affiliate links.}

This week I'm talking about how we can make science an easier, less intimidating subject to teach in middle school. Yesterday I wrote about using Supercharged Science, leaving complete responsibility for science up to the instructor and your child. It works. It's easy.

Those science lessons are important, but they don't cancel out the need for nature study.

Supercharge Your Homeschool Science Studies

Worried about teaching middle school science? Supercharge your child's science lessons with this online curriculum.

Thank you for joining me on Day 1 of my 5-day series "Super Easy Ways to Teach Middle School Science." 

The very idea of teaching middle school science can strike fear into a parent.

- "I don't remember all that stuff."
- "I've never been good at science."
- "I was pretty good at science, but am what if I miss something along the way?"
- "Will I be able to prepare my child for high school science?"

Trust me. You can do this. 

One option for teaching middle school science is to leave the task in the hands of a science instructor. That's what I'm doing this year. 

Super Easy Ways to Teach Middle School Science

Science doesn't need to be difficult. This 5-part series offers super easy ways to teach science to middle school students.

Science comes easy for some and not-so-easy for others. Either way, we could all use some fresh ideas for making science an easier to subject to learn, couldn't we?

12 Science Pinterest Boards for Homeschooling

Need science inspiration? Check out these 12 science Pinterest boards for homeschooling.

Although I am not a science-y mom, we are definitely getting into science around here these days. Lorelai is my little science geek. She just loves it, so I've been trying to follow more science boards on Pinterest. I need all the ideas I can get!

One thing about me is this: When I find a weakness within myself or about myself, I tend to hyper-focus on improving that point. Because I'm not the most science-oriented person - enjoying only certain sciences like biology, earth science and nature study - I find that I'm really focusing on science these days. 

5 Pinteresting Homeschool Boards You Should Follow

A list of five Pinterest boards specifically designed to inspire you in your homeschool journey.

Pinterest is a lot of things: Fun, entertaining, a great bookmark and, if you're a website owner, a terrific source of traffic.

Do you know what else it is? A homeschool resource. Whether you're in need of ideas for a science project or worksheets for math someone has surely bookmarked it on Pinterest.

I am one of those people. I have loved Pinterest from the start have over 60 boards, because I try to keep things organized. I don't pin everything I see, but when I do pin, I want to be able to find it later.

Today I'm sharing with you five of my favorite homeschool boards. They're my favorite subjects, therefore my favorite boards.

How I Teach Science to Multiple Ages Using the Charlotte Mason Method

How I Teach Science to Multiple Ages Using the Charlotte Mason Method
Original Photo Credit

This is day #3 in my series on "How I Teach to Multiple Ages Using the Charlotte Mason Method." We're talking about science today.

If you'd told me 20 years ago I'd be teaching science, I'd have laughed. 

It's not that I didn't like science in school. I didn't dislike anything in school. With a photographic memory, school was easy for me. Even though I enjoyed my science classes, somehow I never thought of myself as a science-y kind of girl. I still don't. 

I enjoy earth science, biology and that sort of thing, but science geek or science nerd does not describe me. 

My girls love science. They're not science geeks or nerds either. Yet. We'll see. But they do enjoy and grasp the concepts easily. Alexis enjoys physics while Lorelai just wants to know everything about everything. 

  • Where does wind come from?
  • If it rain comes from lakes and oceans and it always rains, why doesn't the earth run out of water? 
  • How does sand become glass? 

9 Homeschool Products We Added to Our Curriculum in 2013

Of all the #homeschool products and curricula I tried in 2013, these are my top picks of the year. @tmichellecannon
Homeschool is ever-changing. I started out with this curriculum in February, but have tried and added quite a few homeschool products along the way. 

It happens. We try. We renew. We change.

In 2013, I tried quite a few homeschool products and curricula. Here are my favorites.

Summer Nature Unit Studies

Today is Day 5 of my 5-day series on Summertime Nature Studies. This series is a part of the iHomeschool Network Summer Hopscotch 2013.

As summer quickly approaches, it's a good idea to start planning our summer nature studies. The possibilities are endless, but sometimes it's difficult to decide what to do first or next, isn't it?

On Monday, I listed some ideas for summer nature studies. Today, we're going to talk about nature unit studies.

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