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100 Art Resources for Homeschoolers

A huge collection of all sorts of resources for studying artists and their art.

Art is a big thing in my family. Several of my kids are gifted with artistic talents such as drawing, painting, sculpting, composing music and singing. It's important to us.

The arts are an important part of education, as well. As parents (not just homeschoolers), we need to create an environment that offers them plenty of opportunity to explore the arts.

All children have a natural appreciation for beauty and creativity. We only need to nurture it.
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We need to have plenty of resources to do this, right? Right. That's why I'm sharing with you 100 art resources today.

How I Use My Homeschool Journey to Help Others

Learn why I co-authored The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas and why I chose these particular topics: Bipolar Disorder, Dyslexia, High School and Middle School.

Our Homeschool Journey

I believe all parents are homeschoolers and some of us simply choose to do it full time. We're all on our own educational journey. There are twists and turns, detours and smooth traveling. It's a journey.

In my case, I learned about homeschooling in 1991, but chose to do it full time in October 1999, when I pulled my son out of public school. Over the years, our homeschool has experienced many changes. 

Experience is one skilled teacher! Now I teach others as a homeschool and parenting consultant. Helping others is what I enjoy. Knowing I've helped someone see their homeschool path more clearly is a rewarding experience. So that's what I do.

How We Bring Life to German Language Studies

We're trying to bring 'life' to our German language lessons by doing fun and interesting things.

Let's face it: Language studies are not usually the most exciting of lessons. 

Depending on the program or curriculum, they can be downright monotonous. So why not spice up the language studies with other things?

Lorelai and I have been studying German. She's thrilled to know her name is German as is her heritage on her father's side. Simply feeling like German is a part of who she ismakes it a bit more interesting to her. But how else can we make it interesting?

We've had a little fun with it. 

Learning German Using an Online Foreign Language Course

Middlebury Interactive Languages provides online learning for kids of all ages. Read my review to learn how it worked for our homeschool children.

{Disclosure: I received free access to Middlebury Interactive Languages in order to review it. I also have been compensated for my writing time. All opinions expressed are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.}

My History with Foreign Languages

When I was a teenager, I had a friend whose parents were deaf. Not only were they deaf, but they were also from Puerto Rico and spoke no English. In order to communicate, we used a notepad. The friend's mom would try her best to help me understand what she was saying by pointing to an object, write the Spanish word and then teach me the sign.

I was so fascinated by it all, then I set out to learn these languages myself. Of course, the family was Hispanic and used a different sign language than ASL, but ASL is what I chose to learn. My step-mom used to buy books to help me learn it. I learned much Spanish in my east Orlando neighborhood, but also signed up for it in school.

Although I didn't stick with ASL long-term, I did stay with my Spanish classes all through middle and high school.

Teaching Foreign Language in My Homeschool

When I began teaching foreign language in my homeschool, it only seemed logical that I would teach these two languages. Unfortunately, my daughters haven't had a strong interest in either. They were just doing what I said we would do. We had success with a Spanish program last year, but if the kids aren't interested, why press onward?

When Lorelai began 6th grade earlier this year, I asked her what she wanted to learn. The answer? German.

Great. I don't know German.

Kiwi Crate: A Kid Crafts Subscription You're Going to Love

A review of Kiwi Crate, an educational, high quality craft subscription for kids.

{Disclosure: I received this product free of charge. I was compensated for my time. I was not required to give a positive review.}

When I first heard of Kiwi Crate, I was interested and considered subscribing. Kiwi Crate is designed for children ages 3-16 and I really wanted it for my 6-year-old. A few weeks later, I was offered me the opportunity to review it and I jumped at the chance. 

Our Charlotte Mason Middle School Curriculum 2014-15

A Charlotte Mason middle school curriculum covering all subjects from nature study to writing, history to science.

Our Charlotte Mason Middle School Curriculum


{This post may contain affiliate links.}

Lorelai's curriculum has come to me quite easily this year. I won a homeschool giveaway worth $700 (Whaaat? I know, right?) Also, I purchased the Charlotte Mason bundle on the Build Your Bundle sale. I'm feeling pretty good about this. So what do we have lined up?


For the first 9 weeks we will be living in the old west using these weekly unit studies: Westward Ho! Part 1 and Part 2 - I won this in a giveaway and they just look like a lot of fun. That's how I want to kick off our next term - with fun!

Now Available! The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas

{This post may contain affiliate links.}

I've been waiting so long to tell you about this book and now I finally can!

Announcing The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas, written by 55 authors (myself included!) who offer encouragement, tips and information and ideas on an array of topics.

Believe me, you're going to want this treasure trove in your library.

Supercharge Your Homeschool Science Studies

Worried about teaching middle school science? Supercharge your child's science lessons with this online curriculum.

Thank you for joining me on Day 1 of my 5-day series "Super Easy Ways to Teach Middle School Science." 

The very idea of teaching middle school science can strike fear into a parent.

- "I don't remember all that stuff."
- "I've never been good at science."
- "I was pretty good at science, but am what if I miss something along the way?"
- "Will I be able to prepare my child for high school science?"

Trust me. You can do this. 

One option for teaching middle school science is to leave the task in the hands of a science instructor. That's what I'm doing this year. 

Super Easy Ways to Teach Middle School Science

Science doesn't need to be difficult. This 5-part series offers super easy ways to teach science to middle school students.

Science comes easy for some and not-so-easy for others. Either way, we could all use some fresh ideas for making science an easier to subject to learn, couldn't we?

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