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At some point, every parent needs support. New moms need the support of experienced moms. Parents dealing with special needs often feel very alone in this world. Some parents, through no fault of their own, enter parenthood armed only with their own dysfunctional childhood. Then again, sometimes, a parent may simply need unbiased input from someone. I can be that someone.

I've been in many parenting situations.
  • Young mother (three kids by the age of 22), 
  • married mom, 
  • single mom with no father available (current situation), 
  • working mom, 
  • stay-at-home mom. 
Not only have I been there, but I used to teach parenting and child development classes. If you need someone to talk to, who can give unbiased support and advice, I'm here.

Homeschool Consulting Service


I am frequently approached for homeschool advice and assistance. Some of those questions are short, requiring a simple answer. Many, however, require an in-depth response. Most require more information so that I can provide an appropriate answer.

For those in-dept communications, I am available for homeschool consulting services. 

Who Could Benefit from Homeschool Consultation?

New Homeschoolers

As a parent, you desire to give your children the best education possible. Now that you have decided to homeschool, you may be wondering what you should do next. While there is a lot of information available to help you, this may leave you feeling overwhelmed. A homeschool consultant can help you start on your homeschool journey. Perhaps you're trying to decide if you want to homeschool. I can help with that, too.

Seasoned Homeschoolers

Even seasoned homeschool parents may still have questions or need some guidance from time to time. This is especially true if you're switching homeschool methods or your child is transitioning from middle to high school. Maybe you're just looking to make some changes because you're in a slump or suffering homeschool burnout.

I can help you decide the path to keep you moving forward on your journey.

Support for Parents Raising Kids with Special Needs

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If your journey includes living with kids who have autism, bipolar disorder, or borderline personality disorder, rest assured I understand. You probably feel alone. I understand your fears, worries, and even the anger you sometimes feel. I can't fix your problem, but I can offer you hope. And if you need help navigating your way through some of the journey, I'm here for that, too.

Areas of Experience

Homeschooling Support

I have been homeschooling for 21 years. All of my children were in public school before homeschooling, so I am familiar with both experiences. I'm also experienced with a variety of situations from working inside/outside the home to having some kids in school or none in school. Whatever your situation, I'll bet I've already been there.

Parenting Support

I've taught parenting for 26 years. Having taught parenting in the school system and a domestic violence shelter, I am aware of the many challenges a family may be experiencing.

Support for Families living with Special Needs

I'm also experienced with raising children who have austim and mental health issues. 

    Areas of Expertise

    • The Charlotte Mason method of education
    • Unschooling
    • Homeschooling in Florida (laws, compliance, resources)
    • Designing your Charlotte Mason curriculum
    • Homeschooling children with learning disabilities
    • Suspect dyslexia? Austism? Mental illness? I can help you determine the steps to take.
    • Encouragement and support.

    What Clients Say:

    "When I first pulled my 10-year-old daughter out of private school and started homeschooling 4 years ago, I was actually having a hard time. Getting lessons done was like pulling teeth. Michelle reached out to me. She made suggestions that helped me discover the best way for my daughter to learn and become more accepting of our new homeschool life. I found I had to change the way I structured our lessons, but I gained so much more. I am very grateful for her kind words and wisdom. Thank you!"  -Ali Nazario, homeschool mom

    "Michelle seems to possess a special sense when it comes to special needs issues. When I expressed concerns to her about my child's issues, she was very understanding. She calmed my fears regarding evaluations. As a result, I was able to obtain the necessary help my child's needs. Without my conversations with Michelle, I don't think this would have happened. She is very helpful, considerate and understanding. She's a wonderful resource in my times of need. Thank you for being there for me." -Lisa M., homeschool Mom  

    "Michelle was amazing! I was struggling with homeschooling and she was able to identify the major issue immediately. She gave me much needed guidance, direction and a wealth of information to make the necessary changes. The help was direly needed or family burnout was in our near future. She really helped us care out a successful and enjoyable homeschooling path. Michelle is incredibly knowledgable and experienced. I am so grateful to her." -Julie Nestle, homeschool mom

    "I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your help. In December, I contacted you because I had so many doubts. You pointed me in the right direction and I have since learned enough to become confident about my decision. I am so excited to open a new door for my child and watch her blossom as I know she will. Thank you so much for taking the time to reassure me and give me direction. I am deeply grateful." -Tracy Richardson, homeschool mom

    "Highly recommended! Michelle recently helped me through some issues I was having - mainly Florida Laws, unschooling and Charlotte Mason. I bought the package that includes the follow up calls as this is the best deal!" -Paola Collazo, homeschool mom 

    "I have found the direction I want to take with homeschooling and I do believe that is half the battle. Now, to implement it. You are giving the tools, which I am so grateful for." -Kara Murrah, homeschool mom
    I, and several of my family members, suffer from bipolar disorder. Michelle helped me so much by directing me to some extremely useful resources, but one of the best things she gave me was hope! I would highly recommend talking to Michelle. She's a wonderful person with an extremely caring heart. I usually get very nervous when I talk to someone new. Michelle, made me feel at ease right away. I feel very blessed to have spoken with her. -Lori Ward, homeschool mom

    Consultation Rates

    Phone Consultation                                                $50 

    During this one-hour call, we will determine the needs of your family. We can then discuss what action to take to help you have a more successful homeschooling experience. After the call, you will receive an email with any resources, ideas, suggestions we discussed on the call. 

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