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My name is Michelle. I'm a single mom of five beautiful people ranging in age from 16 to 34 years of age. I'm also a grandma to 3 granddaughters and a grandson. I'm self-employed - I am a social media manager for food bloggers, and I am an Usborne Books and More Consultant.

I was born in Tennessee, and grew up in Florida. Yep, I'm a southern girl to the core, from the way I speak to the foods I eat. I love the great outdoors and have a profound respect for nature. I enjoy hiking, learning everything I can about native plants and animals here in Florida, and living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

So that's me. What will you find here on my blog? Let's get to that now.


I homeschool my kids using the Charlotte Mason method, but support all homeschooling styles. In fact, I've had to adapt the Charlotte Mason method to meet the needs of my kids, who have language processing disorders.

I've been homeschooling since 1999, when I pulled my son out of public school. Having graduated four kids, I am currently homeschooling the last of my five kids. My youngest child is 16 years old, on the autism spectrum, and struggles with mental health issues.

Special Needs and Mental Health

As stated above, we are a special needs family. Here and there, I do blog about those needs, how we're progressing, what's helped and what hasn't. Hopefully in sharing my journey, I will help others who are trying to make their way, too.

Nature and Getting Outdoors

This is probably the biggest of my messages - get outdoors! Sunlight and nature are key to our physical and mental well-being. Once upon a time kids spent all day outside. Nowadays, kids rarely spend time outdoors, and we're seeing an unprecedented rise in mental health issues. Granted, if you have the genes for mental illness, you have the genes, but getting outside in nature helps immensely. It's been scientifically proven time and again. I often share those studies on Facebook. I blog about nature studies quite frequently, too.


Occasionally, I share a recipe. I try to keep meals simple, but flavorful. My recipes are a hodgepodge family favorites. Many are Southern recipes I grew up with like my Grandma's Crockpot Ground Beef Stew (hamburger stew), and some are I've come up with in my cooking experiments, such as this Chicken with Strawberry Balsamic Sauce.

I also.. 

Grab a cup of coffee, and browse my blog. I hope you'll find something helpful or encouraging along the way.

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