10 Ways to Enjoy a Toxin-Free Summer

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It's summer and we’re all busy. Whether you’re traveling for a summer vacation or welcoming visitors, I understand how busy life gets! 

However, when we’re busy, we also tend to slack on a few things that are otherwise important to us. 

One thing that I know many people find themselves doing is buying things they wouldn’t otherwise buy because they’re busy and don’t have time to find the best option.

In my green cleaning business, I always tried to help customers look for ways to avoid toxins in their daily life, not just in their natural home cleaning routine. 

Here are 10 ways I choose to have a toxin-free summer, and since I love you all like family, I share these tips with you!

10 Ways to Enjoy a Toxin-Free Summer

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Use Non-Toxic Sunscreen

1. First up, let’s look at sunblock. When you’re out all day, or even part of the day, there are risks to being in the sun unprotected. Instead of going unprotected, choose clothing with UPF built in.

2. If covering up isn't an option, choose a sunblock that acts as a barrier, like a sunblock wiht zinc oxide, rather than a chemical reaction. First, it means it works immediately, and second, it's safer.

You may want to also consider one with nanoparticles. (Research is still emerging, but right now, I advise families to look at their options and stay on the safe side.)

Replace Chlorine with Salt in Your Pool

3. Consider a salt-water pool. They actually can be quite sanitary, have lower upkeep costs associated with them, and you’re not diving into chlorine multiple times a day.

Clean the Air in Your Home

4. Of course I’m going to say it: Use essential oils to clean your home instead of toxic chemicals!

5. Change out your air filter. With the AC running, there is a higher chance that it is working less efficiently, so be sure to help keep toxins and dust out of circulation with a new air filter.

6. Open up the windows. Yes, it is summer and it is hot, but there are risks to keeping the air trapped in the home, so help release trapped gasses and other toxins by opening the windows at night or first thing in the morning for even a brief amount of time. 

From radon and beyond,sick building syndrome is real!

Pack Eco-Friendly Lunches

7. Pack your lunch when possible. Not only will this save money, but it also enables you to have more control over what you’re eating. Organic restaurants cost a lot of money and aren’t available in most cities, much less in rural areas and the suburbs. So, when you head out to the beach, bring along  your food in a cooler. 

Be sure that lunch is packed in an eco-friendly lunchbox, too.

Packing your lunch also means bringing along a way to wash your hands. 

8. Hand sanitizers are popular, but many contain triclosan and other antibacterial agents which aren’t good for humanity (read about the end of the antibiotic era here)

Instead, you can use pocket wipes that sanitize and have healthier active ingredients.

Take a Water Bottle with You

9. Pack your reusable water bottle filled with spring or filtered water. Choose a glass water bottle with a silicone sleeve for the fewest chemicals

Many natural aquifers being purchased by large companies, water is then diverted from the local people, so especially when we have areas under drought, it is best to use local water from your own tap (filter it at home as necessary).

Remember, many bottled waters are actually just tap water! Oh, and keeping that flimsy plastic in a hot car and then drinking the water, is likely not a good idea.

10. Use a mosquito-repellent bracelet instead of a toxic spray. Many use essential oils and last up to 250 hours. Just keep in a sealed bag between uses to keep longer, otherwise, one or two per person should last all summer.

When it comes to summer, do enjoy your time! There are many things to worry about, but there’s even more to be excited about! 

Do you have any additional tips for enjoying a toxin-free summer?

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