How We Bring Life to German Language Studies

We're trying to bring 'life' to our German language lessons by doing fun and interesting things.

Let's face it: Language studies are not usually the most exciting of lessons. 

Depending on the program or curriculum, they can be downright monotonous. So why not spice up the language studies with other things?

Lorelai and I have been studying German. She's thrilled to know her name is German as is her heritage on her father's side. Simply feeling like German is a part of who she ismakes it a bit more interesting to her. But how else can we make it interesting?

We've had a little fun with it. 

Learn about the Germany through Cooking

One of the first things we did was look up German recipes. We made some German pork chops and plan to try these recipes:

Read about Famous German People

Who is from Germany? We can read books about them.

Watch Videos about Germany

Germany's Black Forest and Cologne

Salzburg: The birthplace of Mozard and everyone's Sound of Music dreams.

Germany's Romantic Rhine and Rothenburg - Cruising the Rhine River, we dodge riverboat traffic and the legendary Lorelei.

Study German Legends and Myths

Lorelai is especially interested in this. A few months ago, she learned the origin of her name (Lorelei). It was so funny. Upon hearing the story of the mermaid, she gave me a wry look and asked, "So you named me after a murderous mermaid?" Of course, the name is actually the name of a rock in Germany. Still, it sparked an interest in German legends. 

Learning the odd beliefs of people helps us to understand them and their history.

Visit Germany... or something like that.

Visiting Germany would be the best, but that's not in the budget of this single mama. So, what else can we do?

We're planning to visit Germany in Epcot and I'm excited about it. We were supposed to do this a few days ago, but plans changed last minute. We'll do it soon though. I can't imagine Lorelai would have ever been interested in traveling the 'countries' in Epcot before. Now that she's taking a language, I think it will be different.

It will be fun to walk around 'Germany,' taking in the sights and trying the food. I can't wait! If we lived in an area that has German shops and restaurants, that would be a neat way to bring it to life, too. That isn't the case for us. We have a lot of Hispanic places. In Orlando, we can even find many types of Asian (Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese...) shops and foodie stops, but not-so-much German.

These are just a few of the ways we're bringing our German language lessons to life. (Learn about the German language curriculum we're using.)

Do you have any creative ideas for bringing language lessons to life? Share them in the comments.

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  1. Thank you for the great ideas! My husband is very proud of his German heritage and taught the little ones a little bit of the language last year when he was taking it at college. I think everyone in the house will enjoy some of these activities together!

  2. This is fabulous, because I'm teaching German right now. Thank you. #laughandlearnlinkup

  3. Michelle F.10/16/2014

    We are currently living in Germany and would be delighted to host you and your daughter....that will make the trip more affordable :). Another recipe to try is maltauschen. It's the German version of ravioli....can be made in small sizes for soup or larger sizes and covered in a tomato based sauce and cheese (think lasagna-ish)


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