10 Things You (Probably) Don't Know about Me

No introduction needed here. I'll get right to the list.

I'm 46 years old. 

Did you guess that?
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I'm a grandma.
I have five children and two sons-in-law. I have a 6-year-old granddaughter and we're expecting another. There would have been a third grandchild this October, but we lost that little one in miscarriage.

Yep. I'm a grandma.

Update 3/23/15: I have two grandchildren and another on the way.

I'm single, but I don't date. 
I've not dated anyone since 2002. It never even crosses my mind. I have so much love and so much to do, that I literally never think of it. My life isn't lacking in love, companionship or any of the things one would look for in a mate.

I'm never going to say "never." It just hasn't come up at this point.

I'm a coffee addict. 
No, I'm not looking for a support group or a cure. I've accepted who and what I am. 

I find it difficult to write about myself or my life. 
If you've noticed, I present a lot of resources and information. Rarely do I write about my personal life. When I do, I find myself having a silent freak-out. I think and re-think it. I consider and reconsider it. I almost delete the post 20 times. I'm a hermit crab. I like to peek out at the world, but I don't care for the world peeking in at me. 

I'm working on it.

I'm a geek that raised a family of geeks. 
Doctor Who. Star Trek. Anime. Star Wars. Anime. Manga. Minecraft. Marvel and DC comics. The fandom list seems never-ending.  

Fall is my favorite season. 
Mostly because we don't really have spring in Florida. Fall is the most distinguishable change here. 

My favorite color is red. 
Red is rich and vibrant. It's full of energy and passion. I love red. It is the accent color in my home. It fills me with motivation and energy. Just love it! 

I'm terrible at small talk. 
I can do speaking engagements. I can teach classes. I can run a business. I can talk to anyone on a number of topics, but small talk escapes me.

It never crosses my mind to chat about the weather or whatever things people talk about in a "small talk" conversation. It also never occurs to me to ask those little things people ask - like "How's your mom?" It's not that I don't care how your mom is; my brain just doesn't work that way. Just tell me how your mom is and I'll totally go with the flow of conversation.

Small talk escapes me. It's another thing I've been working on lately.

I hate shopping. 
No, I don't want to window shop. 
No, I don't want to have a girls' day out, trying on outfits for the fun of it. 
No, I don't even want to be in the store. 

I don't like spending money. I can barely stand going in the store. If I must go into a store for food, I'll take a list which I will check off like my life depends on getting out of that building. Most times, it feels like it does.

So there ya' have it. Ten things you probably didn't know about me. 

Did any of these surprise you? 

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  1. Anonymous4/30/2014

    Hey ! You are Me :), it's like you describe me
    so You are beautiful introvert Girl

  2. I think I knew most of these, except maybe your favorite color. lol I've been stalking you on Facebook for too long, apparently. ;-)

    1. You are definitely my #1 FB stalker, Audrey. <3

  3. I'm so with you on many of these. So with you, small talk, the bane of my existence.

    1. Yep. It's a tough one, mostly leading to the feeling of awkwardness or feeling embarrassed later. Hate it. Just hate it.


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