Homeschool Showcase #132: Encouragement, Freebies and Creativity

Feb 3, 2014

Welcome to the Homeschool Showcase 

This is where we spotlight all the encouraging, inspiring and just plain fun ways that homeschooling families live and learn together.

I absolutely love the participation in the Homeschool Showcase these days. Homeschool bloggers are the best! Thanks for all your wonderful writing, sharing and encouragement.

Speaking of encouragement, there are a lot of encouraging posts in this edition. You're going to love the studies shared here. We have some very creative moms participating. So, let's get to it! 

Homeschool Methods and Styles

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Tonia gives a very brief, yet informative, explanation of what a classical education is. Check out her post, Classical Education for the Average Homeschool Family at The Sunny Patch.
"When you hear the term ‘Classical Education’ what do you think of? Men in togas? Drill and kill methods? Rote memorization? You’re not alone. Many people believe the same. But Classical Education is not drudgery and dry work. It’s interesting and engaging." -Tonia L   
"Sitting. Rolling over. Laughing. Crawling. My point? She did all this on her own. I didn’t teach her how to do these things. I didn’t hold classes, ringing a little school bell saying, ”Kenzie! Time for crawling lessons! Put your blocks away! It’s time for school!” Absurd, right? But isn’t that what happens to kids everyday? "- Shelly Sangrey 

Daniele has found one way to beat the winter blues. Check out her post, Exploration Station: how we’re surviving the homeschool ‘winter blues’ at Domestic Serenity.
"All in all, it was a fun hour, and no one wanted to end it.  But end it we did because there is always next week!  Everyone felt refreshed, and ready to tackle our regular academics." -Daniele Evans 

Daniele is also sharing Five in a Row {FIAR} Planning Resources posted at Domestic Serenity.

Homeschool Freebies

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Forest is sharing a super resource! Check out The Ultimate Homeschool For FREE List~150+ links at Kingdom First Homeschool.
"For whatever reason, you have found yourself in this moment right now where you have taken the full responsibility of educating your child upon yourself, remember,  you will have good and bad days, but the fruit of your labor will be bountiful!  " -Forest Rose  

Kelli has more sight words at Dolch Sight Words Worksheets: Week Four posted at 3 Boys and a Dog

History, Science and Nature Studies

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Colleen shares a super-fun history and science study at Isaac Newton's 1st Law of Motion!  on her blog Solagratia Mom
"This week we explored the concepts of Newton's 1st Law of Motion through a variety of experiments!  Our history sentence was about World War II -so we had some great costumes for that history dress-up sentence!  I couldn't resist making a Isaac Newton costume to go with our science for the day!" - Solagratia Mom 

Colleen posted another awesome study at Other Space Bodies and Marie Antoinette! at Solagratia Mom.
"I created a project that would help them remember what those other space bodies were using the Everything You Need to Know About Science book as my reference for my information we would be labeling/covering.  I especially wanted them to know the differences between those elusive terms - meteoroid, meteor, meteorite!" - Solagratia Mom 

Cindy shares a great Interest-Based Ocean Study at Our Journey Westward
"After our early autumn trip to the beach, Eli was immensely interested in beach life.  When I found him pouring over one of our souvenir attraction maps, I knew it was wise to capitalize on his enthusiasm.  So, a quick, delight-directed ocean study started immediately." - Cindy West   

Language Arts

Shelly shows us the results of a writing, Caption This!, at There's No Place Like Home.
"A few days ago, the tip was to use sticky notes to put captions on the photos around the house. I suggested the activity to my kids, and they jumped on it!" - Shelly Sangrey   

Homeschool Encouragement

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Brenda encourages us with 12 Things Homeschool Moms Need To Remember posted at Homeschool Diaries.
"My homeschool journey began with elation, and a romanticized picture of me standing at the head table watching hungry eyes absorb every word spritzing from my lips. The quixotic dream turned from smiles to tears, quickly. My tears were mixed with saline solution and self doubt." - Brenda Kaye Rufener 

Clara lends us some encouragement at Dear Homeschool Mom, This Letter Is For You posted at A Slice of Homeschool Pie
"I know you have days when you're filled with doubts, wondering if this is the right thing to do, worrying if you're not doing enough, or if you're doing too much." - Clara Homeschooler 

Rebecca has written K12 Online Public School vs.Ted Talks at Charlie Brown's Teacher

(My 2 cents: While it appears she's simply sharing a part of her homeschool journey, it strikes me as encouragement. It's a journey. We move along. We learn what works and doesn't. We learn what homeschooling really means. We take detours. This is a prime example of how that works.)

"Now I am re-evaluating my whole thought process about state standards and college prep...and WHY we do what we do. We took the time to jump through each and every hoop placed before us by our culture and were left wanting." - Becky

General Homeschooling

I am sharing how I teach my 10-year-old daughter typing at Homeschool Typing Lessons with Keyboard Classroom.  
"A few months ago, I obtained a keyboarding program. Although she wanted to learn to type, Lorelai didn't seem terribly enthusiastic about using software for learning. Since I was fresh out of pixie dust, we went with the keyboarding program. "-Michelle Cannon  
"High quality, affordable preschool resources abound on the Internet. Add in that it’s super fun to work with a curious preschooler, so why wouldn’t someone do preschool at home with their child? Why would a homeschooler outsource this fun and precious time? Are there benefits of preschool?" - Shannen Espelien 


Clara shares an experience she had with her son at I Hurt My Son's Feelings...But the Story Doesn't End There reminding us of the importance of humbling ourselves before our children. Her blog is A Slice of Homeschool Pie.
"Moms, sometimes we're going to say things that are going to hurt our children's feelings; things that we will regret. Just as I unintentionally hurt my son, so will you. Just remember this; our children have forgiving hearts, so when you wrong them, go to them with true repentance in your heart, not only are they likely to forgive you, but love you all the more for it." -Clara Homeschooler   

I am sharing Why My Preteen and Teen Are Getting Cell Phones posted here at The Holistic Homeschooler.
"I've never been big on the idea of kid having cell phones. I could go into all my reasons, but it doesn't matter now. I'm getting my daughters, now 15 and 10, cell phones. Why the change? " Michelle Cannon 

I invite you to submit a post to the next edition of the Homeschool Showcase. The deadline for submissions is February 16, 2014 at 6 p.m. The post will go live on February 17, 2014.

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Disclaimer: The opinions, beliefs and expressions shared in these posts are those of the original bloggers and do not necessarily reflect those of Michelle Cannon/The Holistic Homeschooler. 

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Thank you for hosting such a fabulous blog carnival, Michelle! Your hard work is much appreciated!

    1. Thank you, Tonia! It is a lot of work, believe it or not, but I love the great posts and collaboration of it all. Totally worth it.

  2. Thanks for hosting. It looks great!

    1. Thank YOU for participating! Great posts!


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