Why My Preteen and Teen Are Getting Cell Phones

Jan 31, 2014

Why My Preteen and Teen Are Getting Cell Phones #parenting #cellphones

I've never been big on the idea of kid having cell phones. I could go into all my reasons, but it doesn't matter now. I'm getting my daughters, now 15 and 10, cell phones. 

Why the change? 

Well, I've been considering our situation and there are a few good reasons for my daughters to have their own phones. 

While we have the usual reasons such as needing a phone while babysitting, being left home alone or taking a walk, we have a few others.

Attending Conventions

We attend a lot of anime cons. Alexis is 15 and should be able to go to activities on her own, but in such large, crowded venues, I worry about losing her. 

Usually, my older daughter will loan Alexis a phone, but that's not entirely helpful either. At a convention being held in numerous buildings with over 6,000 attendees, how can we meet back up if we can't contact each other? It's really a hassle. It would be easier for Alexis to have her own phone. 

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Trust Lists

It's very important for people with bipolar disorder to have a trust list. This is a list of people that they can contact when they're upset. For my youngest, this is especially important. She needs her own phone with her own list of contacts to help her through those times. 

Unusual Circumstances

A few months ago, I was stuck at the store with no car. I used my phone to send Alexis a Facebook message explaining that I was stranded at the store with too many bags to carry by myself. She offered to come help me get my groceries home.

We only live a half mile from the store, so when she hadn't arrived in 30 minutes I became concerned. She had no phone, so all I could do was add panic to my frustrating situation. It turned out she'd walked to the market and I was at the other store. If she'd had a phone, she would have been able to find that out. Instead, she walked back home.

Customizable, Affordable Cell Phones for Kids

One consideration for me is cost. I'm not agreeable to paying a hefty cell phone bill for kids (or myself for that matter). 

Enter Zact.

Zact offers an affordable solution for giving phones to my kids. Unlike other prepaid phones that require the purchase of cards or bundles in predetermined amounts, Zact allows parents to customize minutes, text and data. 

A few other reasons I'm choosing this mobile service: 

  • There are no minimums. I can purchase as little or as much as we need.
  • I can add minutes and texts easily. I won't need to restart an entire month if the girls run out of minutes or texts. 
  • I'll only be charged what we use. Any unused portions credit to my account. I won't lose that money.
  • All plans are shareable. The kids can give each other minutes, text and data.
  • Parental controls. I can set controls, curfews and rewards from my own phone even though I don't have a Zact phone. 
  • The kids can have smart phones - at a reasonable price of only $89 each. 
This is the video that convinced me to use this service. 

I'm really excited about this and I know my daughters are, too. Learn more about this cell phone service at the Zact website

Do your kids have cell phones? Why or why not? 

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  1. Our younger two received their first phones while they were still in high school. Why, especially when we were so adamantly opposed to it? Well number one.: High school sports. We live in a very rural area, and yet when returning from games the coaches expected the kids parents to already be waiting when they pulled in, despite the fact that we had no way of knowing when that could happen. This meant that every bus ride our kids had to borrow another students cellular device. And the coaches were very opposed to letting students use their phones, despite the fact that all pay phones had been removed from the school. Two: other peoples houses. When our children had to call us they had to ask another parent if they could use their phone. Amazingly there were parents that were annoyed by this. I had more than one parent say something rude to my child, or to me, about how horribly inconvenient it was to allow the use of the house phone. I did not further encourage those friendships. .....And all the other reasons you mentioned.

    1. I agree. If the kids are often away from you, safety reasons dictate the need for a phone. Thanks for dropping by, Pam!

  2. Hannah2/03/2014

    My daughter got a basic no frills with texting turned off before she started 6th grade even though we homeschool because as a middle schooler partipation in our church's youth group begins and I wanted her to be able to contact me(and vice versa). Now at 14 she recived texting for Christmas. My son will be getting his phone this summer as he starts middle school.

    1. That's great. Safety is my main issue. These days, it's imperative that we have a mobile connection with our kids, isn't it?

  3. My older kids have phones with just texting, since that's what they use most. My elementary aged kids don't because they're never alone, and, frankly, I could never afford all the cell phones I would need!:-)

    1. Exactly! I never could have given phones to five kids. Well.. now I could, with Zact. Still, there's no need for phones with kids that young, in my opinion.


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