Homeschool Typing Lessons with Keyboard Classroom

Jan 27, 2014

Typing lessons are easy for this 10-year-old girl. Learn how your #homeschool child can learn to type using Keyboard Classroom.

Lorelai is 10 and wants to learn typing. Sure, she types. Everyone types these days. But she wants to type quickly and without looking at the keyboard.

It's time for typing lessons. 

A few months ago, I obtained a keyboarding program. Although she wanted to learn to type, Lorelai didn't seem terribly enthusiastic about using software for learning. Since I was fresh out of pixie dust, we went with the keyboarding program.

Five minutes into the program, she was excited about it. Since then, it's one of her favorite things to do on the computer. I'm sharing with you a bit about this typing program today.

{Disclosure: I received a free copy of this software in exchange for my review. All opinions are mine. I was not required to write a positive review. This post contains affiliate links.}

The Benefits of Keyboard Classroom

Keyboard Classroom is an easy-to-use, affordable and effective typing program. 

Benefits include:

  • The software was easy to install. 
  • The program is very simple to understand. The child can start learning immediately with no manuals or other preparations. Install and go!
  • Progressive levels. The system monitors the child's progress and moves them along as they master a skill. 

Fun, Effective Typing Lessons

Main console
There are 5 levels of progression:
  • Typing Finger Trainer - Teaches the child about finger placement.
  • Typing Words - The child learns the home keys.
  • Home Stretch - Child types letter combinations, stretching their fingers from the home keys.
  • Typing Sentences - 20 levels of typing sentences, reinforcing lessons from previous levels.
  • Capital Stretch - Learning to 'stretch' to the shift key for capital letters.

Keyboard Classroom Is a Fun Way to Learn Typing

As the child learns, she is also earning tokens. These tokens can be spent in the arcade to play games which reinforce the skills being learned. Lorelai gets excited every time she earns a few more tokens. This is a great motivational tool. 

The child's progress is also marked by earning rank from Cadet to General. With the completion of a task,  she sees her progress on the screen. 

The child regularly sees their own progress on the screen.

Lorelai is only 10. Her attention span for lessons is still in the 10-20 minute range. These lessons only take 15 minutes per day. 

Keyboard Classroom states that a child can learn to type in 6 months at this rate. We've been using the program for a couple of months and I agree. She is learning to type proficiently. 

I found Keyboard Classroom to be an effective and entertaining program for teaching typing skills to children. Lorelai enjoys it so much that I find her doing it "for fun." In the process, she's learning to type.

At only $39.95, it's affordable for even a single mom like me. 

How You Can Own Keyboard Classroom

You can purchase a single user license for only $39.95. This license is for one child to use. However, once the child has completed the program, you can delete their information and start with a new child.

A family license for up to FIVE users is available for only $49.95! That's an even more incredible deal. The whole family can learn for one low price. 

Purchase this keyboarding program at Keyboard Classroom. (One set of finger guides are included with all licenses. )

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