7 Gift Ideas for Homeschool Moms

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What do you give the homeschool mom who has everything? (She does have everything, you know - family, children and the ability to educate them in their own environment.) 

Homeschool moms enjoy all the things any other mom does, of course... and then some.

Here are 10 ideas for gifts you could give to a homeschool mom. 

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Homeschool moms love slow cookers.

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is a great way to take a load of someone's shoulders. A slow cooker can save a busy mom a couple of hours each day. Trust me on this. Homeschool moms love crock pot cooking. It's one less thing they must worry about while trying to focus on lessons and other mothering activities.

While you're at it, add some cookbooks.

Southern Hodgepodge Cookbook bundle

Speaking of cooking... this cookbook bundle at Southern HodgePodge would make a fabulous gift. In fact, her slow cooker recipes book is a great companion to the slow cooker. This set is also easy on the wallet at only $4.99.

Amazon.com gift cards are always a winner with moms.

Amazon.com gift card 
Everyone shops on Amazon.com and homeschool moms do a lot of shopping there. We buy books, curriculum, homeschool supplies and a lot more. Any homeschool mom would be thrilled to receive a gift card to one of her shopping go-to websites. 

Pamper mom with a spa wish gift card.

SpaWish gift card

Give mom a gift card to spend the day at the spa. She'll love it!

Give a homeschool mom a registration to a Great Homeschool Convention.

Great Homeschool Conventions Registration

You can't go wrong with this gift idea. Hundreds of parenting and homeschool workshops, motivating speakers like Susan Wise Bauer and Matt Walsh, not to mention a huge homeschool curriculum exhibit hall... What's not to love? 

As if all that wasn't enough, there's family comedy night with Bob Smiley. A friend of Tim Hawkins, this guy is hilarious! Purchase a registration for a homeschool mom now

Homeschool Help is a great gift for a homeschool mom. 

Southern Hodgepodge Homeschool Bundle

Seriously. What homeschool mother would not be touched by a little homeschool help? This set of books is the perfect gift. Not only can mom receive some tips and encouragement, but she can learn to create beautiful chalk pastel art right along side her children.

A Kindle is a very practical gift for a homeschool mom.

Kindle Fire HD

Homeschool moms love practical gifts. A Kindle can be used for homeschooling and for mom's personal use such as reading, listening to music and even for household tasks like creating a grocery list. 

Can you think of any other great gifts for homeschool moms? Share in the comments. 

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