5 Reasons I Use a Kindle in Our Homeschool


When eReaders first came on the market, I thought they were silly. There was no way I was ever going to use a tablet to read a book.

In February 2012, I purchased a Kindle Fire. 

In February 2013, I purchased a Kindle Fire HD.

I guess you can say I changed my tune. I like the Kindle. It serves our homeschool well.

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I save money on books with the Kindle.

Yes, I'd prefer a book in my hands. I still buy books or borrow them from the library for personal reading for my girls and myself. When it comes to homeschool books, however, I choose to buy eBooks when possible.

Prior to owning the Kindle Fire, I was spending $200 on books each year. In 2012, after purchasing the tablet, I obtained most of the books free on Amazon.com. In the end, I spent $6 on books and $20 on Heritage History.

Books, books and more books!

One thing there is no shortage of with the Kindle and Amazon.com is books. 

Free eBook Collections - This is a great place to find books. Not only will you find Amazon books, but listings for other free books websites.

Kindle Lending Library - With your Prime Account, you're able to borrow books from the Kindle Lending Library. I love that!

FreeKindleBooks.org - Many classics available for download onto your Kindle.

We can take lessons on-the-road easily.

Homeschool is never limited to your house, of course, but lugging around a crate or backpack full of books is sometimes cumbersome. Having books on the Kindle Fire, makes taking our books with us easy.

Perhaps we want to be out of the house for the day. We pack a lunch, grab the kindle, notebooks and pencils and off we go for a day at the park. Let's say we're on a field trip. If we bring our Kindle along, we can follow up with some reading at a park or cafe.

Our nature and art studies are enhanced by taking our tablet along with us.

In particular, I love having it along while we study nature with our NaturExplorers eBooks. We can easily follow up our nature study with some chalk pastel art because our chalk pastel art books are already loaded on the Kindle Fire.

It really is convenient.

The Kindle Fire HD allows us to watch videos with high-quality picture and sound.

When we study composers or are doing Netflix homeschooling, the beautiful clear pictures and crisp, clean sound of the Kindle Fire HD are much appreciated.

Educational apps are great for homeschool.

Educational Apps are a great way to entertain the kids while continuing to educate them.

What other ideas for using a Kindle in homeschooling do you have? Share them in the comments.

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Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Great reminder. My boys have kindles and I forget to use them for educational purposes. Lol!

  2. Those are great reasons! One more, in my house, is that my daughter LOVES to be on the electronics and we limit her somewhat so she's much happier to pick up the Kindle than she is to pick up a book. Anything that creates less resistance to schoolwork is a win!

  3. Hi Michelle. I just stumbled onto your Twitter post this morning. It intrigued me because I'm starting to set up for this fall's homeschool semester and we use our ipods and the Kindle app quite often. Then halfway through your article I thought, hey, wait! I'm also an author who gives away free digital copies to educators! :) You're welcome to browse through them and contact me if anything looks helpful for your homeschool. Have a great school year!

    1. I will look through them. I have a few of your books and have mentioned them on my FB page. I will look through again. Your books are wonderful and I want everyone to see them. ;-)


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