Composer Study Series Recap

We made it! This is the 10th day of my 10-day series, Composer Studies for Young Scholars. I've pretty much said all I have to say on the subject of composer studies but I want to do a brief recap in case you missed any posts. Then, I'd like to send a thanks to all involved in this project.

A recap of a 10-day series on composer and music studies.
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Recap of my 10-day Composer Study Series

Day 1 - Why should we teach composer study at all? See my 4 Reasons to Teach Composer Studies.

Day 2 - I wrote a brief how-to for teaching Composer Studies for The Very Young.

Day 3 - I followed up with a how-to for teaching Composer Studies for Older Children which included a review of "A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers", a full year composer curriculum for children ages 8-13.

Day 4 - We graduated to high school. I shared Composer Studies for High School Students on that day.

Day 5 - I held a giveaway at A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers Giveaway. (Closed now)

Day 6 - On this day, I listed 7 Books You Can Use for Composer Studies.

Day 7 - How do we incorporate music into our children's daily lives? For the answer, see Composer Study: Exposing Children to the Music

Day 8 - I listed some Resources for Composer and Music Studies

Day 9 - The grand finale of sorts, I shared our Antonio Vivaldi composer study so that you could see how we do it. 

Day 10 - Here we are right now. :-)

I want to thank all who have followed along. I hope you've found some useful information in these posts. If you have any questions, you're always free to contact me. 

I also want to thank the owners and bloggers at iHomeschool Networking for making this Autumn Hopscotch the wonderfully informative resource it is. Please visit the Autumn Hopscotch 2013. You never know what other series of posts you'll find helpful in your home. 

Finally, I want to thank Bright Press Ideas, one of my sponsors, for creating such a useful composer study curriculum. My kids are enjoying it and I know your kids will too.  

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Happy Homeschooling!

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  1. Michelle - I appreciated your series very much. You know this subject is near and dear to me. :-)


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