A New Home for Us (and other good stuff)

In my life this week...

I have big, exciting news this week.

I'm buying a home! 

Yes. I'm buying my very first home. I found a really sweet deal with owner financing and we're just so excited!

This means big changes. It takes me a bit out of my comfort zone.. and town.. and county.. to a town with a population of 1,556. I know, right? I'm going to look for the sign that reads, "Welcome to Podunk".

But seriously, I'm thrilled and can't wait to post pictures once we're moved into the place. 

In our homeschool this week...

I finally finished writing our curriculum. I need a couple of things from the list still but mostly we have it all. 

We did some artwork this week but not anything in the way of formal lessons. We're going to go full-force with lessons once we're moved into the new place. Right now, lots of packing, sorting, tossing and all that other miserable stuff related to moving.

Things I’m working on...

I made a big mistake. I signed Alexis up for an online essay program because she had been begging to learn more about writing. I thought she'd be thrilled.

The mistake? I didn't consult her first.  

It's all online which creates a challenge for her due to Dyslexia and spinal issues. She has trouble sitting at a computer because of her spine. She has trouble with reading things online (or anywhere) because of the Dyslexia. Certain backgrounds and fonts help with online reading but she has no way to adjust these within the program. 

She is really struggling to complete her essay lessons.  I had planned to purchase a laptop to help the situation but finances are often a challenge in this single-mama homeschool. So I'm trying some other things to get her through it.

I’m grateful for...

Finding the home we're purchasing. Yes, it was a sweet deal that it's owner financed, no down payment, and affordable. But it's more than all that.

The timing, the location, the surroundings really couldn't be better for my nature loving family. The home is sitting between a state forest and a national forest. In fact, the home is inside the borders of the national forest. There's also a wildlife refuge right there in the midst of all that.

If you've been reading long, you know we're hiking, camping and nature-study addicts. And it's not far from the town we live in now, so we can still meet up with our friends and homeschool groups.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share...

Last week, we lost our dog. Two days later, these little ones came into the world. 
One-day-old kittens
While I didn't want the cat to be pregnant (she was in heat and escaped a couple of days before I was going to get her spayed), and I have no intentions of keeping the kittens, this was a helpful distraction for Lorelai who was having a very hard time over the dog's death.

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