The Week Emotions Ran High

In my life this week...

Oh, this week. What a mix of emotions it has been! 


When the week began, I was highly stressed because I was trying to build a web store and have it finished by Wednesday night for a Facebook party. I also had blog posts to make, giveaways to post and the party itself. Stress, indeed.

New Business
Then I had the party. It was a great success! I didn't finish the web store but I at least announced that it's coming and hosted some giveaways. Emotions were high! 

Loss of a Family Pet
The following day, I relaxed and had a pretty good day. Until 7pm, that is. At that time, I found my dog having a seizure. I didn't know that's what was happening, but my son did. So we rushed him to the vet. I believe he was brain dead upon arrival. Something was gone from his eyes.

The doctors couldn't stop his seizures with emergency anti-seizure meds. They had to sedate him. Each time the sedative started wearing off, he began seizing again. In the end, we had to put him down.

The doctor said brain tumors cause this and he's probably been having small seizures for a long time but they went unnoticed. She said that's typical. Once I came home, I read up on it. He had shown at least two signs for over a year: "Unlearning learned behaviors" and "depression".

Rocky was 10 years old, just like Lorelai. They've been together most of Lorelai's life. She calls him her "buddy". Her entire body reacted to this. Upon first hearing the news, she cried then couldn't stay awake (the mind trying to escape dealing with it?) and all night she awoke every hour drenched in sweat and crying.

I ran the gamut of emotions this week. I'm pretty tired today. 

In our homeschool this week...

I was quite busy but we spent some time on chalk pastel lessons. Lorelai, who has never shown the artistic interest of her brother or sister, is thoroughly enjoying these lessons. If she could do all of them in one day, she would, but I encourage her to "save some for later".

We're about to buckle-down and finish some essay work Alexis has been doing. She's been struggling but we're determined.

I've been writing my curriculum for the year. Usually, I can do it in a matter of hours but not this year. I'm struggling with what to use for Science and geography this year.

Any suggestions?

My favorite thing this week was...

Everything about Wednesday afternoon and evening. My son stepped up and made dinner so that I could get ready for the Facebook party. He always makes the best dinners. 

The party ran smoothly. The household ran smoothly. Yep that makes this mama happy. 

For the rest of the evening, there was music in our background, the kids were drawing, painting and practicing calligraphy. It was peaceful.

Dinner. Courtesy of my son.
My son drawing.

My kiddos favorite thing this week was...

Alexis has started selling her drawings. She's actually had few paid commissions. She is very excited about that. If anyone's interested, let me know. She'll draw whatever you want. Today, she drew my granddaughter with an anime character. For those of you who do not know, that's what she draws: anime and manga. 

This is her advertisement that she's taking commission requests. 

Lorelai, again, is very excited about the chalk pastel lessons. 

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Chalk Pastel Lessons using A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels

Lorelai and her buddy 2 months ago.
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Happy Homeschooling!

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