10 Things That Make This Mama Happy

Today, the iHomeschool Network bloggers are writing about what makes them happy or makes their day. I wasn't sure what I was going to write but yesterday was simply inspiring. It was one of those days that brings me great joy. In no particular order, here are.....

10 Things That Make This Mama Happy

1. Nature - This can mean hiking or taking a nature walk. As long as I'm outside, I'm happy. Nature eases anxieties, leads to discoveries, and helps us to understand our Creator a little better. 

Photo taken on a canoe ride down Coldwater Creek in Milton, FL.

2. Dancing - I love to dance. In particular, I love dancing with my kids in the living room late at night. I don't know why that is the time I get the urge to dance, but I do. All five of my kids have fond memories of doing this. 

3. Camping trips - I love camping with my kids. Getting out of the house and into nature is one of my favorite things. If I could live in an RV and spend my life traveling around, roadschooling and camping, I'd be as happy as I could possibly be.

Each year, my family has a big family camp-out reunion. It's one of my favorite times of the year.

Campfire time at our annual family camping reunion.
4. Homeschool days that go as planned - Since our days rarely go as planned due to various special needs issues in this house, I'm so grateful for the days that do. 

I've given up on the idea that they'll ever both be up and ready-to-go at 8 a.m. That's a fantasy in this bipolar world in which I live. But if we can get all the subjects in during the course of a day, I'm a happy mama!

mother teaching child
I love homeschool days that work out as planned. 
5. Visiting historical places - I've always enjoyed history. It was a favorite subject throughout my school years and I've carried that love of learning history with me into adulthood. 

I particularly enjoy visiting historical cities and places. My favorites are St. Augustine, FL. (the nation's oldest city) and DeLand, FL

St George Street
St. George Street in St. Augustine, FL.
downtown deland
Downtown Deland, Florida

6. Attending Festivals - Give me half a chance and I'll attend any festival within a 2-hour drive. Seriously. 
I love festivals. Art festivals, Manatee Festivals, "Green Festivals, I love them all. 

That is the way to make a Saturday perfect for me. I enjoy being out in the sun, watching the people, listening to live music, and seeing all of the crafts and wares people at the vendor booths. 

street festival
Street festival in Deland, FL.

7. Reading - I rarely have time for this anymore. And to be completely honest, I don't do it much since I started having vision problems. I hate having to fuss with the glasses. I use to read a book every weekend. Now I rarely sit down to read. I need to get over it and just use the glasses. I miss reading.

8. Music at night - As a child, the television was on in the day. My grandma always had The Price is Right on the television in the morning which was followed by her stories (soap operas). 

But at night, the house was silent except for the sounds of music. The radio, a record album, or a tape was always playing in the evening. I would play solitaire while she read or crocheted. Or we'd play Rummy to 500 points. Every night.

Those are the childhood memories I enjoy most.

I use to do these things at night with my now-grown kids. Somewhere along the way, we lost that. Maybe when I became a busy business owner? I don't know. But it happened. We stopped. 

Last week, there was music all day every day in our home. It was nice. The kids were drawing (and by kids, I mean even the adult kids) while I did other things. And there was music in the air.

I didn't realize how much I missed it. I think I'll make that a nightly thing again. 

9. Gardening - All year. Every year. I enjoy the process from start to finish. I discovered the joy of gardening when I was 23 and haven't stopped since. Beautiful, color-filled gardens bring me great joy and peace in this chaotic life.



10. My children - I know that sounds like something I'm supposed to say, but it's true. I was born to be a mom. I'm not perfect at it never have been, but I enjoy it completely.

There isn't an age or stage that I don't enjoy. Our children's firsts don't end with their first day of school. Unfortunately, that's usually the last time we take note of the firsts. Homeschooling, however, has allowed me to continue noticing firsts, even in the teen and young adult years.

I truly enjoy my kids, their personalities, their senses of humor, and the closeness that developed between them due to homeschooling. They are what makes me who I am.

Without them, nothing else on this list would mean as much. They share in these activities with me. They complete the picture. 

What makes you a happy mama? 

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Happy Homeschooling!

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