More Screen-Free Fun: 50 Things to Do Outdoors

Playing outdoors is the most natural thing for children. Here is a list of 50 things to do outdoors in an effort to be more screen-free.

Today is Day #4 of my 10-day series on "Screen-Free Family Activities".

The most natural things for children to do is play outdoors. Today's post is focused on outdoor activities for the family. Being outdoors provides sunshine (vitamin D!), exercise and great childhood memories. 

Today I've compiled a list of things to do outdoors. While many of these activities can be done without adult-participation (think mud pies), all of them can be enjoyed by the entire family.

50 Things to Do Outdoors

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1. Go on a hike

2. Visit a zoo

3. Draw chalk pictures on the sidewalk.

4. Paint outside like Monet.

5. Go swimming

6. Make leaf or bark rubbings and label them with the names of the trees.

7. Have a cookout.

8. Work in the yard mowing, weeding, or planting seeds.

9. Visit a state park.

10. Make bird feeders.

11. Play Steal the Bacon, Hide 'N' Seek in the dark, or No Bears Are Out Tonight

12. Have a picnic in your back yard.

13. Learn about clouds.

14. Make a nature collage.

15. Take nature photos.

16. Run through the sprinklers

17. Make mud pies.

18. Sleep under the stars in your backyard.

19. Go for a walk.

20. Visit a farm.

21. Put on a parade for neighbors.

22. Go camping

23. Look for tracks and trails of animals.

24. Have a homeschool Field Day in your yard.

25. Attend a festival

26. Hold a neighborhood talent show in your backyard.

27. Sit on a blanket under a shade tree and read a book.

28. Keep a nature journal.

29. Attend an outdoor concert.

30. Visit a river, pond or lake and study the habitat.

31. Learn about wildflowers. Or butterflies. Or mushrooms.

32. Play traditional outdoor games like badminton, hopscotch, croquet or jumping rope.

33. Go to a farmer's market.

34. Play Outdoor Bingo (free PDF download)

35. Throw a Frisbee.

36. Make paper airplanes and race them.

37. Build a fort.

38. Make s'mores.

39. Finger paint.

40. Decorate windows with washable window paint.

41. Go geocaching.

42. Ride bikes together.

43. Have a dance party.

44. Have a water gun fight.

45. Turn the kiddie pool into a giant bubble bath.

46. Go fishing.

47. Go canoeing.

48. Study seashells.

49. Paint rocks with water colors.

50. Sit on a blanket and make a list of more things to do outdoors.

Can you add to the list? Leave your ideas in the comments.

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Happy Homeschooling!

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