Spring Break, MegaCon and Piggies

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In my life this week... 

This week has been... exhausting. You see, the weather is warming up. Warm weather and Bipolar Disorder don't go well together. Recently, my daughter's "meds" (liquid form) were spilled. I didn't have the money to replace them at the time (it was a brand new bottle!) but the weather was cooler so it was no big deal. 


However, temperatures for the past week have been 79-84°F. Pleasant weather. Unpleasant moods. Just sayin'. The meds arrived today. I cannot express my relief. 


In our homeschool this week... 

Week #3 of our March/Spring Break

All of our lovely plans for this break were ruined. My tax refund was supposed to be here on March 7th. Short version: It wasn't and a Taxpayer Advocate stepped in on my behalf. Still, I won't see the refund until the end of April or early May.  

Because of all this confusion:
  • We didn't get a vehicle
  • We didn't travel around Florida State Parks
  • We didn't go camping.
  • We didn't attend the homeschool convention in South Carolina
  • I didn't order new curriculum for our new year which begins April 1st. 
Still.. a break is a break. So let's move away from the "didn't do" list and focus on the "did do" list.
  • We've played in the yard
  • We've enjoyed the new piglets that were born a few days ago at our neighbor's home. 
  • The kids have climbed trees. 
  • We've studied Christmas Wreath Lichen and discovered shells in our driveway (which is actually a dirt easement). 
  • We've played hide-n-seek, Mother May I? and Follow the Leader. (The games were with my youngest and my granddaughter.)
Lorelai is enjoying All About Spelling. And guess what! It's actually "sticking"! For once in her homeschool career, the lessons regarding spelling and reading are being retained! I am impressed and thrilled to find this product. We may overcome her spelling challenges after all!

My favorite thing this week was...

My favorite thing was receiving the letter from the Taxpayer Advocate letting me know she'd taken my case and was handling the problem. Sure it was a delay in receiving much-needed funds but it was better than the prior status of "not even on the schedule to be paid out". 

My kiddos favorite thing this week was...

My 22-year-old worked MegaCon last weekend. (Yes, I have a home full of anime and Marvel comic geeks.) She had a blast and met Lou Ferrigno and Vic Mignogna. Alexis is a huge Vic Mignogna fan. I cannot express in words her "fangirl" level when it comes to him. Anyway, not only did my older daughter meet him, hang out with him, go to dinner with him.. but she had him call Alexis. Remember those girls in the Beatles audience squealing and crying? Yeah.. that was Alexis after that phone call.


A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

megacon photo collage
MegaCon. Home to the geeks of the world. My daughter said she'd finally found her people.
megacon collage of photos
The first photo: My daugher with Vic Mignona.
Around the Yard photos
I captured this beautiful scene on a 37-degree morning in New Smyrna Beach.
It was good to be "home" for the first time in 2 years.
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  1. Ouch! I think I'm glad that our taxes were done VERY EARLY. You're not the only one I know waiting and waiting. :(

    Megacon looks fun! LOL

    1. Oh if you only knew the story. I filed early. This thing that happened to me is happening to many. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks like a detective. While they're sitting back accepting what's being said to them, I question and question and reason and question some more. Then I push for action.

  2. aaahhhh- megacon!!! So jealous!!!!!!!!!!!! Only I'd be going to see Doctor Who & Star Trek stuff!!! LOL
    I'm taking Amelia to Supanova next month. It's the same sort of thing but not as big. But I'm hoping to get a photo with Sylvester McCoy (no I'm not a Hobbit fan, but I loved him as the 7th Doctor).

    1. Tina,
      They went to ShadoCon recently too. Next month, they're going to Khaotic Kon.


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