NOT Back-to-School: A Day in the Life 2012-13

Not Back to School Blog Hop

This is the fourth and final week of the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop. Hasn't it been fun? This week we share our daily lives. What goes on in everyone's homeschool? How do you make it work?

I have a lot of routine going on in my house. I must. I'm a single mom and I own a green cleaning service. Without going into how I make a workday work.. here's what our non-workdays look like.

Cleaning Schedules and Routines

We have certain chores we do in our morning, afternoon and evening routines. They are simple tasks that keep the house up on a daily basis.

 Immediately after lunch each day, we take on a special task (midday chore) that helps us to maintain the weekly and monthly tasks in bits that are easy to digest.

Homeschool Lessons
Our homeschool lessons are divided into two parts: Family Studies and Independent Studies. (If you don't want to scroll around in the box below just click here to see full view)

There ya have it.. a day in our life! I hope you've enjoyed this month-long blog hop. Be sure to go visit others in the hop today!

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Happy Elf Mom8/27/2012

    Ahhh so the children do many of the same subjects but you increase the time per subject for older children. Good idea. :)

  2. Eddie@The Usual Mayhem8/28/2012

    I like that you have saved yourself time with the curriculum but still managed to make it work for each child. Great idea!

  3. Thanks! It's about striking a balance, for sure!

  4. Hi! Long time; no see! Yes, the CM method suggests that younger children have 15-20 mins per lesson (I do 15 when they're young "elementary" and 20 for 9 and 10 year olds); 30 for middle school ages and 45 for high school. Alexis has just begun "high school" using the CM method.

  5. IrieMomma9/07/2012

    I'm curious. I see "spelling" on here for your younger one, but don't see on the Curriculum Overview what you are using ~ are you just doing dictation from her school books? Also, I see FAMILY Literature, but didn't see what you are reading aloud for that? .... Just wondering. :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. Well..yes.. all that's true. I didn't list anything we're using, actually. This is just my schedule.. not my curriculum. I use the CM method of teaching spelling which is progressive and involves the "10 words each day".. have them "picture" the word in their mind so that they never forget, dictation, etc.

    My curriculum is at


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