A Day in the Life: What Works for Us

Some of you may recall that I was feeling rather "down" a few months ago. I was overwhelmed by ..well.. everything! I didn't feel that I could keep up with my housework, the school work or anything else. I took a break for Screen-Free Week and felt wonderful. But then I came back to "reality". And I've not been pleased with myself at all.

I want to tell you a little something about myself. I need schedules. Yes, I said "need". It's not that I prefer them or would like to have them or find them handy. I need them. When I was a child, I loved making schedules. I loved routine and ritual. I was quite predictable in my habits, in fact. From television shows to when I dusted my dresser, everything was a predictable routine.

Recognition and Acceptance
I've always fought that natural tendency because of remarks I heard as a child which made me think that it wasn't "normal" to be that way. I wanted to be normal. Who doesn't? So I fought my need for order and predictability. Recently, I came to accept that this is normal. It's normal for me. This is me. This is who I am. This is what makes me able to function well on every level. Schedules ensure that we get our lessons done; complete the housework and get the bible studies done every night. They are what helps me maintain order and escape the feeling of chaos. It's not for everyone perhaps. But that oh-so-used phrase that all we homeschoolers have mastered finds a home here as well: "This is what works for us."

I've been obsessive this weekend. (I know..hard to imagine isn't it?) I cleaned. I cleaned a lot. I scheduled. I scheduled almost as much as I cleaned. I probably need therapy... really. The result is that I have a very clean house and a just-insane-enough routine that I'll be happy. Maybe.

The Schedules
Now before you set to reading this, please, allow me to say that this is going to look far "crazier" than it actually is. So please read through to the end.

Homeschool Schedule
Our homeschool schedule has remained the same for the 2012-13 year with the exception that Alexis' independent lessons now take 45 minutes rather than 30 minutes. I've also added in U.S. History and a few other things. (View Homeschool Schedule)

Daily Schedule
I have also revamped our daily/weekly schedule. I used the TOS Planner to create the schedule but cannot separate the one page from the others. So I did a snapshot of it with Adobe. This is the Mon-Fri routine. Saturdays and Sundays are rather laid back anyway with hiking, gardening and weekly housecleaning chores.

(Click to enlarge)

As you can see, the daily schedule makes reference to morning and evening routines and midday chores. That brings us to the cleaning schedules and routines.

Cleaning Schedules and Routines
We have certain chores we do in our morning, afternoon and evening routines. They are simple tasks that keep the house up on a daily basis.

 Immediately after lunch each day, we take on a special task (midday chore) that helps us to maintain the weekly and monthly tasks in bits that are much easier to digest than a weekly "cleanup day". I've been tormenting them with Saturday-Cleanup for years but now I've figure out a way to make it easier for all of us and leave my Saturdays free for fun stuff! (Can you tell I own a cleaning service, yet? )

What It Looks Like in Reality
I would like to add, as a final note, that I do not have these all hung up or displayed before my family. They would be as confusing to them as they probably are to you! They are simply reference sheets. Above, I listed the "Daily Schedule". That is only there to share a day in my life with you. I don't actually use that at home. I know the routine. (It's on the routine sheet!)

Basically, I go to our chalk board at the end of the evening and write down what will be done the next day. It looks something like this.

Alexis: Dining Room
Lorelai: Living Room
Mom: Kitchen
L.A.: Bathroom

Lorelai: Spot clean fingerprints on door frames
Alexis: Reorganize homeschool area

Mom: Wipe down insides of kitchen cabinets

See? That's pretty simple, right? Not quite as "crazy" as it looks on a blog!

What about you? Do you need schedules? Life life "on the fly"? What works for you?

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Jessy Gaffen6/11/2012

    I enjoy looking at how others schedule their days, even the ones with "no" schedule. I have away from a schedule and we will be returning to it in the fall. I really think my kiddos would benefit from having more structure in our school days. Nothing too specific, but still SOME definite times for important daily activities such as school, meals, reading, and chores. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Audrey_Sheppard6/12/2012

    We have more of a routine, or outline, if you will.  A lot depends on the day and whether or not we have lessons/work outside the home.  It works pretty well, but I'm sure a more detailed schedule would benefit us as well.  I've tried Motivated Moms, Flylady and Menus 4 Moms daily reminders for chores, and I don't seem to be able to stick with them for more than a few weeks at the time.  I've been thinking about trying to make up my own, but it seems like a daunting task.  I really liked your two sentences, "Recently, I came to accept that this is normal. It's normal for me."  Isn't it great when you find what works for you!?!

  3. Thanks Jessy. I'm really happy with this new system. 

  4.  It is daunting. I agree. I about drove myself crazy. I hate creating schedules and organizing things. But I love things being scheduled and organized. Conundrum, right? LOL

  5. Since my husband has been chanting you need a schedule I am just going to steal yours. ;)

  6.  Ha! You're funny! I was thinking of starting an email group where I send out the "to-do's" each day to anyone needing help in that area. I wonder if anyone would be interested.

  7. Audrey_Sheppard6/18/2012

    I know one other homeschooling group that does that. You should do it. :)


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