Top 10 Charlotte Mason Homeschool Resources

A list of ten Charlotte Mason resources for your homeschool.

Today, I'm listing my top ten favorite sites for Charlotte Mason homeschooling. In no particular order, they are:

1. Jimmie's Collage- I am not an artsy-craftsy, creative person. Jimmie, however, takes the practical application of the Charlotte Mason methods and turns them into something inspiring! She's one of those moms who really knows how to make learning fun.

2. Charlotte Mason Home Education- This site is chock full of resources for anyone interested in the CM method.

3. Handbook of Nature Study- This is my top pick for learning nature study as well as getting ideas. You can even purchase lesson plans here and participate in Barb's Outdoor Hour challenges.

4. Harmony Art Mom- On this site, Barb leads the way in teaching art as well as offering help with artist and composer studies.

5. The Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival- Every two weeks, Charlotte Mason blogging moms contribute their CM-related blog posts to this carnival. It's an excellent resource for finding other CM blogs as well as getting some ideas and peering into the homeschool rooms of others using this method.

6. Simply Charlotte Mason- Although I write my own curriculum, I find myself visiting Simply Charlotte Mason regularly. I get ideas for books to use as well as help at planning my schedule from this site.

7. Heart of the Matter Online- While this site is operated by a team of bloggers, there are definitely some Charlotte Mason leanings that you may find helpful. This site may be perfect for a more eclectic CM education.

8. Heritage History- This wonderful curriculum (which we started using recently) is great for CM educators. They offer a literature-based history curriculum that can be used as the spine of your curriculum.

9. The CM Series- This is actually a part of the AmblesideOnline site but I find myself visiting it often to re-read pieces and parts of Charlotte Mason's writings.

10. I buy nearly all of my books here. I can always find great literature at low prices or free through the Kindle search.

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  1. Jimmie5/29/2012

    Yep, some great ones here. And so honored to be included. Thank you so much. (Your link to Heritage History is going to HOTM.) I am a fan of Heritage History as well.

  2.  Thanks for the heads up on the link! Fixed! I do know you like Heritage History. In fact, I discovered it through your review and had to have it!!!

  3. Some good links, but I'm surprised you didn't include

  4. I have many sites I use for reference, it's true. I have quite a number in my blog roll. This list was intended to be my favorites, so I thought it best to pick the 10 I find myself using the most.

    Thanks for visiting!

  5. Thanks for including the link to my site, Michelle!  :-D

  6. You really need to include Charlotte Mason Help for a complete list! Check it out!

  7. Hi,
    We have set up a new website to support homeschooling and have put together a new directory. If you would like to add your website to our blog category for free –

  8. Wow, thank you! I'd love to link to this article!


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