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Jan 22, 2012

As we all know, I feel that the arts in education is important. So strongly is art ingrained in my children, that on non-homeschool days is when my children dive into their artistic talents the most.

I've made various posts on the talents of my children over the years. Two paint; three draw; four do digital photography; one plays piano; one plays guitar and two sing. There are only 5 children by the way.

Today I feature my 21-year-old daughter, Lee Anne. She's my 3rd born child and has her own special talents. She is one of those who does photography, yes. But she also models and sings. Today, I share both of these talents with you.

I have been trying for ages to get her to allow me to video her singing. The other night she was in my room singing with the children and I broke out the camera. So there's bad lighting and all that but whatever... she let me do it and that's all that matters.  Below the videos are a recent photo shoot.

Here she is singing "Nightingale" from Disney's "Cinderella"

"Part of Your World" from Disney's Little Mermaid

Here, she is singing "Once Upon A Dream" from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"

And there ya have it... some of Lee Anne's talents. :-)

What artistic talents flow through your family?

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Audrey_Sheppard1/22/2012

    Austin plays piano, draws, paints, and tap dances.  He likes tap dancing the most and really works hard at it.  Brittany does origami and other creative artwork.  She is also a good writer.  I'm trying to get her to start a blog.  ;)

  2. Jennifer MacLeod Family1/23/2012

    So gorgeous... lovely voice, too!  You're right to be proud...

  3. Well thank you SO MUCH, Jennifer!!!!

  4. Wonderful! (And her hair is beautiful! LOVE red!)

  5. She is gorgeous btw! What a very talented family you have!! :)

  6. Crazymom34581/24/2012


  7. I agree.. I have always loved her hair..even when it was just red peach fuzz as a baby :)

  8. Thanks! I'll let her know you said so!


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