On A Non-Homeschool Note

What a day this was! A phone call bringing bad news; followed by the mail person bringing bad news; followed by my sister calling with bad news followed by ....Well you get the picture.

The peace, joy and relaxed spirit I gained from the last court date just 11 days ago is gone. More papers. More underhanded, dishonest tactics. More distress.

Also....My father is in the hospital. In all probability, he'll be having a triple bypass this week.

And what power do I have over any of this? Not a lot it seems.All I can do is pray and hope that I can resist allowing this to disrupt my life again. It just seems it'll never be over...

With that said.. I may or not be posting for a bit.


  1. Tina Jenkins9/07/2011

     You'll be in my prayers, Michelle.

  2. MomsMustardSeeds9/07/2011

    Oh, I am so sorry to hear...about your day and the days that are to come...sending prayers for you right now!

  3. Not good!  I keep praying for you and hoping I am not hearing from you b/c things are over, yk?  Your family has been prayed for this morning... please keep posted...

  4. Glory Bea9/07/2011

    God bless you. I'm so sorry for all your sufferings, Michelle. I shall pray for you just now. Please post a brief update if you get a moment. The LORD is with you, and He shall never forsake you.

  5. Audrey_Sheppard9/07/2011

    I'm sorry to hear about everything going downhill.  Seems like in this old system, there's always something...at least we know better days are ahead.  Hang in there!

  6. I feel like I'm in a boxing match. I keep being knocked down and it takes a while to get back up. Just as I get one knee off the mat, my opponent kicks me in the teeth. Totally unfair and against the rules, but he keeps doing it nonetheless.

  7. Thanks. I'll be in touch.

  8. Hello! I have been meaning to email you. I will.

  9. I don't like hearing what I'm hearing... but pain and bad news are real. I know you'll see better times, I'm praying for that to be soon.



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