Product Review: Apologia General Science Lapbook Journal

Now that I've spent a couple of years learning about the Charlotte Mason method and ridding our homeschool of all previous textbook-based concepts, we've added a few textbooks to our homeschool curriculum.  

Charlotte Mason, after all, did use some textbooks but didn't allow them to be the main course of the educational feast. One of the texts I've added to our curriculm is "Exploring Creation with General Science" by Apologia Science.

I was thrilled to find "
Apologia General Science Lapbook Journal- 1st Edition" to supplement the textbook. This product is great and I want to share our experience with you.

{Disclosure: I received this lapbook product free of charge. See my full disclosure policy here.}

What is the Apologia General Science Lapbook Journal?

The Apologia General Science Lapbook Journal has been specifically designed for use with Exploring Creation with General Science 1st Edition by Apologia Science.

Designed for the middle school child, this science journal is a great transitional tool. While it mildly maintains some elements of a lapbook, this journal incorporates elements for the older child such as note-taking and recording lab results. 

Benefits of this Science Journal

The Apologia textbook contains questions and labs throughout the modules, as well as a study guide. The lapbook journal organizes those elements for easier studying.

The pages can be printed with or without the original questions from the textbook. For Alexis, I find that having the questions pre-printed makes a lighter load of her work. It also makes it easier for me to review her work without going back and forth between the textbook and her binder. I can clearly see what she was answering. 

The notebook is divided into 3 sections.

On Your Own Journal - This is the section where the student answers the questions which appear in each module. With all of the questions and answers in one section, studying is simplified. 

Study Guide Lapbook Pages - This section uses the Study Guide section of the modules in a creative way. The child creates little booklets of information from the modules. 

Whether the information is about an inventor, scientist or a particular science topic, this hands-on activity helps increase retention of the material studied.
Also, if the student needs to refer back to the information later, it's easier to jump right to the booklets rather than hunt down the information in the textbook. 

Lab Reports - This is where the student records lab observations and results. As with the other sections, this keeps information organized in an easy-to-search and research format.

What We Thought of this Science Lapbook Journal

This lapbook journal is an excellent tool for transitioning a child to more independent studies while maintaining some hands-on activities.

The journal can be kept  on hand for years and used as a resource for future science studies. 
Also, this is an excellent record for parents who must meet record-keeping requirements for their state. 

This science journal...
  • Offers Hands-on learning in a way suitable to the middle-school-aged child. 
  • Helps increase retention of material learned
  • Keeps the student's assignments organized 
  • Provides an excellent reference resource within itself
  • Can be used for record keeping
  • Is a price value 
I am impressed by this journal and plan to continue using them throughout the girls' education!

How Can I Purchase the Lapbook Journal?

You can purchase this journal in the following formats:
  • CD: $37.00
  • eBook: $10.00
  • Printed: $64.00

Visit Knowledge Box Central to get your copy of this science journal. You'll also find a wealth of other homeschool lapbooks and materials there.  

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  1. threedaysgrace7/14/2012

    this is exactly what Im looking for (well close- I have the 2nd edition) but I cannot find them for sale anywhere. P.S. I loved what you said about "ridding yourself of all textbooks adn then adding them back in. Us too! We have added back in Apologia science and a mathbook.

  2. These are also available in the 2nd Edition ~ if you are still looking for it. Knowledge Box Central now has them for all of the Apologia Science books - and all editions. AND, they are now only $10!!!


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