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“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” -Dolly Parton { Disclosure :  This is a sponsored post. I have b...

How I'm Achieving a Work-Life Balance in 2017

January 09, 2017 Michelle Cannon 0 Comments

“Never get so busy making a living
that you forget to make a life.” -Dolly Parton

life balance

{DisclosureThis is a sponsored post. I have been compensated for my time. All statements and opinions are my own.}

I don't make New Year's Resolutions. Instead, I choose a word for the year.

Last year, my word was goals. I wanted to work hard at setting goals and attaining them.

For 2017, I've chosen the word balance.

There's more to life than work, and I'm missing it.

Balance is something I seriously struggle with. 

I have trouble switching gears. I fixate and hyperfocus on tasks.

I'm a good worker...
Fixating and hyperfocusing make me a good worker in some respects. 

I can complete a task from beginning to end and, because I don't like to switch gears, I will usually stick to a task to the exclusion of all else. I'm good at doing tedious tasks for hours on end.

I have my own business with plenty of satisfied clients. I'm a good worker.

Sounds good, right? Maybe. Except when I say "to the exclusion of all else," I mean it quite literally.

... but I miss out on life. A lot.
I used to be a voracious reader. Do you know when I last read a book from beginning to end? October 2011. Yeah. Seriously.

I also enjoy hiking. Nothing in the world makes me happier than walking through a forest. Do you know when I last did that? June 2010.

I get so caught up in the things I must do, that I neglect the things I enjoy altogether. 
On the rare occasion that I let myself go out and enjoy life, I realize how much I miss the peacefulness of it. I miss being relaxed.

Conversely, I can enjoy life to the exclusion of work. 

Of course, I wouldn't do that to clients, but I did it to myself earlier this year. Instead of focusing on building my new business, I was busy with cheerleading, tumbling, dance class, and other activities.

I'm always busy. Busy with work. Busy with my kids lives. Busy.

I need to stop being busy all the time.

How I'm learning to balance my life.

I don't expect changing to be easy. I've been this way for 48 years and am neurologically atypical, which is why I do things the way I do.

However, I also know that habit is ten natures. If you simply develop a habit, your own nature is weak in comparison.

A few weeks ago, I told you about a 28-day program for achieving balance. I was so busy with life and personal challenges, that I didn't get started when I'd planned to.

A little delay isn't going to stop me, though. I want this too much.

I finally got around to starting it about a week ago. I love the way this works!

Happy, Healthy New You! is a program, in eBook format, that helps you achieve balance in your life in 28 days. Perfect!

I'm a real pen-n-paper kind of girl, so I am happy to print out the daily assignments. I'm keeping my daily work in a journal, in fact, as you can see from the Instagram shot above.

How does it work?

Each day, I open my eBook and read through the material. Day 3, for instance, is called Strive for Balance. The page discusses how we can let one facet of our lives override another.

- Maybe we work so much we neglect relationships.
- Maybe we pay so much attention to relationships that we neglect our spirituality.

- Maybe we spend all our time on entertainment but we neglect work.

It can be anything really.

After reading through the exercise, and sometimes writing answers to questions in my journal, I print out the worksheet for the day. Once I work through it, I start applying it in my life.

I even track my habits in my planner (a review of the planner coming up soon!).

Do I seem excited? Because I'm pretty excited! 

In fact, I'd love to have you join me on this journey, so I've started a Facebook group just for you!

First, go get your copy of the Happy, Healthy New You! program. Then hop over to the Facebook group. Hope to see you there!

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