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I've never made a New Year's resolution. Ever . No, really. I never have. While I have no intention of setting any resolut...

My 2016 Word of the Year

January 25, 2016 Michelle Cannon 4 Comments

word for 2016

I've never made a New Year's resolution. Ever.

No, really. I never have.

While I have no intention of setting any resolutions for a new year, I am all about setting goals this year.

Setting goals. That's another thing I've never done. Ever.

My 2016 Word of the Year

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"How could you never have set any goals?"

Good question. I'll tell you why. In my mind, goals were associated with materialism.

Why I've Never Set Goals for Myself

In my much-younger days, I attended a lot of motivational seminars. I always left those seminars thinking of big things. 
  • making lots of money
  • owning expensive cars
  • luxury cruises
  • big houses
What I was hearing was how great it is to reach a point where you can have things. And while I don't have a problem with someone having a dream, things don't make me happy.

Simple Things Bring Me Joy

Believe it or not, one of the happiest and most peaceful times in my life was when I lived in an 500 sq ft cottage in the woods with my five children
  • No TV. 
  • No phone. 
  • No car. 
  • No money except the exact amount to pay the rent. 
(Do you hear the Gilligan's Island theme song here?)

I couldn't get basic things like cleaning supplies or shampoo, which left me feeling like I needed to get out of that situation.

And I did. (One day I'll share that story of how necessity caused me to build a business.)

The point, though, is that it wasn't an easy time. But it was a happy time for me. 
We had each other. We had peace. We had laughter.

What makes me happy are simple things.

And so, attending seminars that confused goals with big dreams, left me with a bad association between the two. 

Why I'm Setting Goals This Year

A few weeks ago, something struck me. I can't remember the exact trigger, but I remember the moment.

Suddenly I realized why I need goals and what that really means.

In addition to a bad correlation with materialistic dreams, the idea of goals seemed so vague to me. Dreams. I knew what that meant. But goals? That was so vague to me. 

"Okay, so you want this dream, but how do you get it?"

That's what I may have said had I ever given any real thought to goals. But now I get it. 

While I don't have any big dreams to follow (maybe a few small ones), I now realize I need small goals to reach or achieve.

My Word of the Year is Goals

I'm busy setting goals now. Little ones, big ones, in-between ones.

I'm also setting goals for and with my kids. I have them all listed just yet, but I have a few set and in action already.

  • Getting my life organized using this book. (Join the challenge! I have a new FB group!)
  • That business that started out of necessity? I'm going to reopen it in 2016.>
  • Physical goals for my kids.
  • Educational goals. Of course we have those as homeschoolers, but I have some very specific ones related to my kids' dyslexia/dyscalculia.
So that's the start of my list. I'm going to be posting a weekly wrap up on Fridays in which I'll keep track of some of these.

What is your word of for 2016? 

Want to get your life in order? We could do it together! 

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  1. My word this year is freedom!

  2. I figured out I choose a word of the year in January and then never look back at it. But, I do like to make goals (I often don't look back on them, but I do pretend to occasionally).

  3. My word for this year is Strength! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! I selected this word after my husband had a cardiac arrest last year; he lived and is doing well, but I learned a lot about myself through it.


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