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My daughter, Alexis, has always enjoyed writing. Like me, she began writing at a very young age. Short stories, poetry, screen plays, she writes them all and she writes them well.

For years, she's wanted to learn more about the writing process and when I learned about Essay Rock Star by Fortuigence, I jumped at the opportunity for her to take the course. My thought was that, at age 15, this is something she needs to learn and perhaps she'd like an online course.

{Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I received access to this program in exchange for a review. I have been compensated for my time.  All statements are my own opinion and I was not required to write a favorable review. See full disclosure and policies.}

What is Essay Rock Star?

Essay Rock Star is an online writing program designed for the student in 8th-12th grades. The program focuses on teaching the skills necessary for writing essays. The course includes instruction on how to write four types of essays generally taught in high school and required in college:
  • The Personal Statement
  • The Persuasive Essay
  • The Textual Analysis
  • The Expository Essay
Essay Rock Star is taught using a web-based interface with a live instructor providing feedback and assistance.

Benefits of Essay Rock Star

  • Self-Paced
  • Detailed instruction and resources
  • Instructor is actively involved
  • Accommodates different learning styles
  • Easy to use interface
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

A Self-Paced Writing Course

One of the best benefits of this course is that it is self-paced. If the student wants to complete an assignment or segment per day, that’s fine. If they want to do one per week, that’s OK too.

This has been particularly beneficial to Alexis because she has dyslexia and bipolar disorder (more on how this affected her progress in a bit) and she sometimes progresses quite slowly. There was no pressure to do any assignment in any set amount of time.

Detailed Instructions and Resources

Each lesson contains instructions which are concise and easy to understand. As well, there are plenty of links to examples and clarifications. This is helpful when perhaps the child doesn’t initially understand the instruction or information.

This was particularly useful to us. Dyslexia isn’t a reading disorder but a language processing disorder. Sometimes things must be very simplified for Alexis. Giving her a visual aid always helps.

Instructor is Actively Involved

So many online courses are automated, the program itself “checking” the child’s work. Not so with Essay Rock Star. With this writing course, you have a real instructor, who has over 10 years experience in teaching, helping your child.

Lily, the instructor and founder, provides prompt feedback on every assignment. She doesn’t issue grades, which I appreciate. I don’t want my children chasing grades, but prefer them to learn for the sake of gaining knowledge.

She is also available to parent or student for additional assistance. She promptly responds to all emails. If you, the parent, need to speak with Lily, she is available.

Essay Rock Star Accommodates Different Learning Styles

Each lesson contains written information and instruction as well as an audio file, giving options for audio and visual learners. 

I thought the audio files would be a big plus for Alexis. Unfortunately, her ability to process the spoken word is no easier for her than with the written word. Still, having both available is a big plus for which I commend this company. Not many online courses take into consideration the special needs of individuals. Fortuigence did.

Easy-to-understand Interface

The interface of Essay Rock Star is very easy to use. There are four lessons, each one broken down into 5 assignments. Each assignment is thoroughly explained and the child submits their assignment once completed. Once Lily evaluates the the assignment, she posts feedback and sends the student an email. Easy peasy!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Nothing speaks about a product or service as much as the guarantee. Guarantees inspire confidence, don’t they? This program comes with such a guarantee. You can feel confident that you’re investing well in your child’s educational progress knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

How did Essay Rock Star Work for Us?

I’m going to be honest here. The program is great! My child, however, does have several difficulties. One is dyslexia and the other is bipolar disorder. She also has some problems with her spine.

These played a huge part in her progress. She started the program, but because she was in a lot of pain, sitting at the computer was something she just couldn’t bring herself to do. I finally had to get a laptop so that she could be comfortable while doing these online lessons. That was one delay in her progress.

Dyslexia Challenges

The dyslexia is a challenge on its own. Again, this is a language processing disorder. She is very slow to comprehend spoken or written language. Doing these lessons required that I read them then explain the assignments in the most basic way so that she understood. This was frustrating and time consuming. Of course, this is no reflection on the essay course, but did affect Alexis' progress.

Bipolar Challenges
Dyslexia is one thing but she also has a mood disorder. People with bipolar disorder feel their moods intensely. They don’t feel “down”; they feel extremely depressed. They’re not just happy; they’re euphoric and giddy. So when she worked at these lessons, if she was struggling with comprehending or feeling overwhelmed in any way, she became upset to tears.

Again, this isn't a reflection on the writing course. I only mention these things to explain that all of this slowed Alexis' progress. As a result, she’s still working on the course. Lily has been incredibly understanding and accommodating, never pressuring Alexis forward at all.

And that’s probably the best aspect of this online writing course: The teacher is human.

In the end, we're getting through the program together. Progress is successfully being made and I highly recommend the program. 

Limited Time Offer

This course is $149. That’s a great price for a course that will help your child learn four types of essays and provide high school credit! It’s truly an investment in your child’s education. Learn more at their website.

Connect with Fortuigence

You can connect with Lily at the following:

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  1. Writing is something that we struggle with here. My son doesn't like any kind of writing. I had him start a blog last year, because I thought it would be fun for him and maybe it would get him interested in writing. It didn't. I always wonder how much I should push it. He did do a sample of the "One Year Adventure Novel" program, and seemed to like that better than anything else we've tried.

    1. I feel your pain! I was going to try that one out too. Right now, I just want to finish this one. LoL!

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  3. Great Content! Like any other parents dreaming of their kids to be good in writing or to be good in school in general, you should not be discouraged by the difficulty that you could be facing. People have problems, and that can't be avoided.


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