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Copywork is one of my favorite homeschool tools for teaching penmanship, grammar and spelling. Amy of Living & Learning at Home has ...

Review of Classical Copywork

January 28, 2013 Unknown 0 Comments

Copywork is one of my favorite homeschool tools for teaching penmanship, grammar and spelling. Amy of Living & Learning at Home has created a new website and business: Classical Copywork. Like Amy, I am a strong believer in copywork and honored that I've been asked to review this new product for you. I was given a free copy of of the poetry to do so.


The poetry e-book contains 17 poems which make up 114 pages of copywork. That's a pretty good amount of copywork! It is ideal for elementary-age children who have mastered basic writing skills. Of course, if you have special needs children who are still working at an "elementary level" this could be perfect for you as well. This is an excellent, affordable resource for the mom who wants to implement Charlotte Mason style copywork lessons, without having to write out the text each day. 

The Poety Pack
Since we used the poetry pack, I want to mention that this would be a helpful tool in poetry memorization. Each copywork page contains one stanza of a poem. For instance, the poem "The Wonderful World" is five pages long. As a child works with each copywork page, they could also be working on memorizing that particular stanza.

sample of copywork page
Page 1 of "The Wonderful World"

sample of copywork page
Page 2 of "The Wonderful World"

Benefits of Classical Copywork

  • Easy to implement. All you need is a pencil
  • The writing lines are only 3/8 in. tall. This helps transition a child from the large uncontrolled writing of younger years to a more precise handwriting style.  
  • E-book format allows parent to print only as many pages as needed and reuse with children later.
  • One page per stanza (in the poetry pack) allows for practicing memorization
  • Clear, large fonts make reading and copying easier.
  • Black and white pages (even the artwork) prevent wasted color ink.     
  • Affordable at only $1-3 per copywork e-book  

Purchasing Classical Copywork

Copywork e-books can be purchased at Classical Copywork*. In addition to poetry, there is copywork in the form of Bible verses and e-books based on the McGruffy Readers. Each e-book is very affordable and, of course, reusable. (This fits perfectly into my single-mom living an eco-friendly lifestyle!)

And now for an extra-special treat! Amy has been very generous in allowing me to do a giveaway of her copywork books.

One (1) winner will receive one (1) copy of each of the following copywork e-books:
  • Copywork for McGuffey's Eclectic Primer (52 pages)
  • Copywork for McGuffey's First Reader (63 pages)
  • Copywork for McGiffey's Second Reader (77 pages)
  • Poetry for Kids-Pack 1- Elementary (114 pages)
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Disclosure Policy : I was offered a free download of Classical Copywork in order to write this review. As usual, I have given my own honest opinion.

Happy Homeschooling!


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