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I'm so excited to be hosting the first Charlotte Mason blog carnival of 2013! It seems fitti...

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival: Favorite CM Moment

1/08/2013 Unknown 5 Comments

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

I'm so excited to be hosting the first Charlotte Mason blog carnival of 2013! It seems fitting to start a brand new year focusing on our Favorite CM Moment, doesn't it? So without further ado, grab your coffee, tea or whatever your morning drink is, and enjoy the carnival.

Our first stop at the carnival is to visit Shirley at Lifetime Books & Gifts. She's sharing one of her favorite moments entitled, "A Pinch of Cloves and A Hint of Sugar-How Living Life Helps Children Learn"
"Experiences like today always press upon my heart what I believe...children do learn and children will learn. Why? Because we are created by God and our desire is to learn, experiment and grow." 
Next, we have Nancy of Sage Parnassus who is sharing her "Reader's Journal 2012" with us. 
"This is a record of the books I read mainly at night when I retired for the day.  It does not include the books I read for our school nor does it include the dozens of books I read only portions of. .....I learn something from everything I read ..."
Now we visit Barbara of Harmony Fine Arts at Home where she shares "My Favorite Charlotte Mason Moment".  I think your hearts will be touched by the sentiments expressed here. So grab a tissue to dab your eyes.
" That is my moment, or maybe many moments strung together over the course of the next few years. Moments that can influence lifetimes….turning sadness and frustration into rejoicing." 
Now, please visit Lanaya of Delightful Education as she wonders whether "They Won't Remember It All"
"We serve up the best that we can, trust good habits, keep a wise eye, and set them off to pursue a life of learning."
Carol of Journey and Destination us a glimpse into the modified curriculum she is using in "Ambleside Year 8 with a 17 year old late reader".
"IOne of the beauties of a home education is being able to tailor the education to the child rather than squeeze the child into something that is ill-fitting or inappropriate. "
And now we're off to visit Jimmie of Jimmie's Collage. She's giving us some good tips on "How to Plan Artist Study for a Semester". 
"The bottom line is that there is no “right” choice. Choose any artist that you and your children are interested in. If you are just starting out, it is even more important to select an artist whose style or subject matter will engage your children. Make their first experience a positive one."
Nadene of Practical Pages is closing one chapter of life and beginning another in "Ending and Beginning". 
"Note to moms with young children – treasure your child’s junior and primary school years and enjoy every age and stage!  It all passes by so fast."
Catherine shares "Outdoor Hour Challenge No. 23 - Moths" in which she shares the ages and stages of a moth at Grace to Abide.
".And so we wait for the moth to hatch! And we waited….and waited….and waited…and two and a half months later it finally decided to make an appearance!"
Now we take a trip over to Our Journey Westward where Cindy has written about "A Nature Study in the Winter".
"Winter is also the perfect time to observe conifers (evergreens) and compare them to deciduous trees which have lost their leaves."
Nebby, author of Letters from Nebby, explores what it means to give our children the proper atmosphere for learning in "CM Volume 5, Part 3: Social Atmosphere". 
"...the atmosphere of the school matters as much as the teachers and the curriculum. Children will learn from each other so one must take into account what Charlotte calls the “public opinion” of the school"
Brandy, who makes her home at Afterthoughts, shares how masterly inactivity and natural consequence can work together sometimes in "Masterly Inactivity".
"They both needed correction, but I knew only one would get it because only one would be proven right and whoever was wrong? Well, whoever was wrong would be the one corrected."
Amy with Fisher Academy International offers her "Reflections on a Charlotte Mason Education"
"As something interests him and he begins to form a relationship with that area (with birds for instance), he'll naturally notice them in the backyard, and then identify personally with them in Burgess Bird book and file this information away for the next encounter he might have for example at a family outing to the aviary or park to feed the ducks and notice the differences between water birds and the birds he sees at the birdfeeder..." 
Our final stop in the carnival is with Leah at As We Walk Along the Road. Her post is "Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival: Favorite CM Moment".
"I was immediately taken with Charlotte Mason's ideas when I was first introduced to them when my oldest children were about 2nd and 3rd grade.  I was frustrated with some of the fairly structured text books that we had been using.  They seemed dry and dull to me and to my children." 

This concludes this edition of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I did!

Upcoming carnival: I'm not yet sure where it will be held..

Topic for discussion (optional): January 22 - Self Education (Ch1)
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Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Thanks for hosting, Michelle. I liked seeing the quotes - great idea! Looking forward to reading all of the posts!

  2. Nancy from Sage Parnassus1/08/2013

    Thank you for all your hard work on this carnival, Michelle. I love the look and your sweet header! A very happy new year to you.

    From joy to joy,

  3. Aww thanks Nancy! I recently redecorated around the blog. Thanks for noticing!

  4. Hi Dana! I started the quote thing a few years ago. People seemed to like it, so it's my "thing" now. ;-)

  5. blogger1/08/2013

    Thank you, Michelle, I really like the quotes also and the thought you put into choosing them.


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