December 31, 2011

2012 Field Trip Plans

I've decided to post our plans for various field trips and activities here. Although I have a dry erase calendar that the family posts our color-coded activities, field trips, job schedules, errands and such, I think putting them here on the blog will help me plan further ahead than one month and hopefully  prove to be a source of help to others by sparking activity ideas. I will update this page as we schedule new things.

I have listed by date, general activity name*, type of study and an activity description. You will also see whether it has been confirmed or not... This is for my own tracking.

*For safety reasons (some of you know the problems), I will not list location names beforehand. However, once we have finished the field trip and I blog the adventure, the name will be updated here. 

(Last updated 2/6/12)


5- Signs of Wildlife  Completed  
Type: Ecological and Nature Study
Introduction to identifying animal tracks. Introduction to animal scat (droppings) and how it's used as a tool for identifying animals in the area. We will hike and look for tracks of various animals then recreate them through plaster casting. 

6- Homeschooler Potluck Completed
Type: Homeschool Social
Our homeschool group is meeting at a county park for a potluck! Fun!

19- Potato Collecting Completed
Type: Ecological and Nature Study
Introduction to invasive exotic plants and the problems they cause. Introduction to the air potato vine (Florida's nightmare plant). We will collect air potatoes from infested areas. Collected potatoes will be used for creative activities with an art show as a finale.


4-A Manatee
Type: Nature Study
We will explore the lives of these gentle giants by viewing them in their winter home, having a scavenger hunt and making a manatee craft. Completed

16-Art and Science of Soils
Type: Science
Introduction to soil sampling and soil characteristics such as texture, color, and percolation. Students will divide into groups and dig a soil profile then analyze the soil horizons using scientific equipment. Student groups will assemble a comparative test for soil percolation. Students will work with native clay from the site to create a simple product. Confirmed

11- A Timucuan Indian Village
Type: Florida History
We will be exploring various living history programs and speaking with historians portraying characters set in their individual time periods. Not Yet Reserved

22- Publix Tour
We're going to be given a tour of a local grocery store. Confirmed

18-Prairie Preserve
Type: Ecological and Nature Study
This preserve has several habitats including pine flatwoods, cypress domes and wet prairie. It is home to many critters such as the gopher tortoise, bobcat, swallow-tailed kite and Sherman’s fox squirrel. We will learn about the ecosystems at this site; have a Geo-Eco Challenge, learn to use (or in our case, gain more practice at using)  a GPS unit to geo-cache; and solve physical and mental challenges through team-building
skills. Confirmed


1- Prickly Pear Cactus of the Florida Desert
Type: Nature Study
Introduction to the prickly pear cactus -one of the unique plants of Florida scrub. Students will compare cactus to leafy plants and explore the parts of cactus through dissection and magnification. They will discover plant adaptations that make this cactus a “cool” Florida desert plant.

4- These four are all planned for the same day and all relate to a local lighthouse. 

-A Local Historic House
Type: Local History
The house is the home of  the last civilian keeper at this local lighthouse. Not yet reserved

-A Park related to the lighthouse
Type: Ecological and Local HistoryA brief history lesson will explain the inhabitants of the area dating from the 1500s. Not yet reserved

-Marine Science
Type: Ecological and Nature Study
A look at sea turtle and bird rehabilitation, a tour of the environmental exhibit gallery, and time in the wet/dry lab.Not yet reserved

Type: Local History
Climb the lighthouse, visit 3 museums to learn what life in the lighthouse was like. We will participate in a treasure hunt. Not yet reserved

10-Water Management District
Type: Environmental
After a short park cleanup, we will learn about water sheds and the eco-system. Not yet reserved

15-Flower Power
Type Nature Study
Introduction to the wondrous and diverse blooms of plants. Students will observe and dissect flowers to examine and understand their parts and how they develop fruit with seeds. They may bring examples of their own if they have them.Not yet reserved

31- These activities are all related to one particular local city 

-Famous Artist's Home
Type: CulturalWe will tour the winter home of a very famous artist. Not yet reserved

-City Museum and Gardens
Type: Cultural

We will tour the museum and gardens, then create an art project. Not yet reserved

-City Historical Society
Type: Local History
A short history program, tour of the museum collections and a film presentation. Next, our short guided walk
through local history visiting several historical buildings. Not yet reserved


1- Solid Waste and Recycling
Type: Environmental
We will travel in an air-conditioned van around the landfill and see the hazardous waste facility, the recycling processing plant, and the new landfill cell where garbage is buried. You’ll even see Mount Trashmore, a
120-foot-tall mountain of garbage. Not yet reserved

5- Insect Recyclers— Bugs of Decomposition
Type: Nature Study and Science
Observe the insects of plant and animal decomposition in action and discover what adaptations they have that make them specialists in their job. Not yet reserved

19-Poetry of the Woods
Type: Nature Study, Poetry, Writing
Near a tree
Around a wetland
Take time to
Unweave your observations and
Rearrange them into
Expressive poetic words
  Not yet reserved


3-Water Quality Testing
Type: Science
Introduction to testing the physical and chemical properties of water. Students will use scientific equipment to test lake water temperature, transparency, pH, and conductivity along with weather conditions. Not yet reserved

12-Local Historical House (same house as Jan 21)
Type: Local History

We will re-visit the house and learn about historic children's games Not yet reserved

Date to be announced- Mollusks and Their Shells
Type: Nature Study
Introduction to mollusks, where they live and how they live and the beautiful shells that they create. A mollusk expert will lead a wading hike along the shoreline to search for and identify these diverse critters. Not yet reserved


  1. The A Timucuan Indian Village ... is that with your HS group? We would LOVE to do that. Maybe you could PM me info?

  2. Sounds like you have a lot of good things planned.  I think it's a nice idea to have everything outlined here, too.  Our local homeschool group has a yahoo group and we get a monthly email with all of those activities listed.  Anyone in the group is free to plan and add field trips to the list.  It works out pretty well.  Things have been slow lately, but we're looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.  :)

  3. We moved our homeschool groups off of yahoo and onto FB


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